Practical designs that will help you regain your strength after the operation.

The clothes post operative They are specially designed to be an additional support during the hard months of recovery after surgery. Its peculiar design helps to recover the original body shape, improves posture and helps to relax the abdominal muscles. So if you’re going through a period of post operative recoveryTake a look at the options that we show you below with belt style design.

1. Recovery Shaping Girdle 3 in 1

This girdle is designed to treat the area of ​​the abdomen, waist and pelvis during the postpartum process. It is beige and contains three belts that adjust to the shape of your body and are made of breathable and comfortable materials.

With this belt you can quickly reduce the swelling in the abdomen and will help your uterus return to its ideal size, in addition, its correction straps will help you improve your posture.

2. Postpartum belt in one size

It is made of nylon with light fabrics and has a design that gives it the function of three belts in a single garment adaptable to different waist sizes. It is made with breathable and elastic fabrics that reduce the belly, waist and pelvis.

It is a flexible garment and easy to cleanIn addition, its high quality seams prevent it from shrinking, allowing it to always be in the optimal conditions to shape and define the lower part of your body.

3. Shaper belly with adjustable closure

It has a resistant design made with stretch fabrics and an adjustable closure that adapts to any waist. The garment features a steel bone that provides firmness and allows you to maintain the correct posture all the time.

This girdle will give you freedom, safety and comfort that you need to recover your figure in a short time. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any texture and its flexible reduction system gives additional support to your organs.

4. Design with strips to recover the abdomen

This belt is made of various materials that give firmness, flexibility and comfort. It is available in medium, large and extra large sizes. It has a pink color and is breathable so that it is comfortable to wear while doing your daily tasks.

With this tool you will not only recover your waist, but you can also adapt it to your Lifestyle since its resistant fabrics allow you to go to work, go for a walk and do household chores without causing any kind of discomfort.

5. Flat seam strip in beige

It is a girdle for women of brown color with flat seams and a hook closure. The design is adjustable and elastic, made with a lycra lining inside and a high-quality powernet to guarantee greater resistance, security and ease of movement.

This girdle can be used daily and they will not even notice that you bring it under your clothes. If you use it every day you can get the results you want in no time.