One way to bring money and prosperity to your workplace.

If you want to attract money and abundance, you must be clear that you must have the appropriate elements that allow you to charge with positive energy that space destined to produce income. In this way you will surround your environment with renovating energy that will attract the money you want to get. A perfect tool for this purpose are figurines that we present below.

1. Tree Feng shui of abundance

It is a tree statuette with golden finishes of high quality that has been elaborated under the concepts of Feng Shui. It is made of resin, has an attractive design, and is sized to fit any desk.

With this ornament you can bring the good omen for your home or workplace, in addition to adding to your day to day good energies that progressively will bring wealth.

2. Silk ribbon with eight coins

It is a red silk thread with eight coins that works to attract luck and fortune. It has a design that emulates the coins of the dynasty Ching and they are made of copper to attract wealth and good luck.

With this product you can keep good luck and prosperity for your spaces. Its compact size allows you to hang it behind the door, in the corner of your bed and even in one of the cabinets on your desk.

3. Elephant and frog to attract fortune

It is a golden statuette made in the shape of a frog on an elephant decorated with red stones and shiny to attract good luck and fortune. It is totally light and is made entirely of polyresin.

This decorative figure can be placed as a centerpiece or on a shelf to guarantee money and good luck, as well as promote wisdom and tranquility within your spaces.

4. Tree Money Feng Shui

It is a Feng Shui tree figure made of resin and decorated with crystal stones. Its flexible leaves and branches design allows it to be easily adapted to any space and it has perfect finishes that give it a refined and elegant appearance.

You can place it anywhere in your home or office to attract wealth and good luck to space. It is an elegant accessory that is manufactured under the concepts of the Feng Shui philosophy.

5. Jade frog for the money

A frog made of resin and jade to attract money and good luck. The figure of the frog is positioned on coins representing the wealth and good fortune. It is a light decoration that contrasts with any space due to its striking color and perfect details.

It is a product that will help you maintain and Attract Good luck with you, as well as bringing abundance on a professional level within your business or office.