Forget about overpaying for your home repairs. Now you can make them yourself.

It doesn’t matter if we live in a house or an apartment, repairs will always be present. And if you are tired of having to spend large sums of money to call experts to fix the breakdownsYou can make the decision to start taking care of them yourself. But in order to do it, you will need tools of great quality and resistance, like the ones we show you below:

BLACK + DECKER: Precise Control Cordless Drill

The 3/8 inch drill and 11 position clutchIt features 20V lithium ion technology, making it lighter and more compact.

It is portable, lightweight and variable speed, which gives you precise control. You can use it to drill into wood, plastic, metal and all screwdriving tasks.

Stanley: 65-Piece DIY Tool Set

This tool kit has 65 pieces and ergonomically designed handle. Includes blow molded case for easy tool storage.

It offers plugs and extensions that remain blocked on the unit until they are deactivated with an easy-access, low-profile button. Plus, its unique radius corner design provides 15% more torque than standard plugs, making it easy to turn rounded corners.

3. Stalwart: Plumbing Faucets With Storage Bag

These plumbing socket wrenches come in a set of 3 pieces 14-inch and feature adjustable jaws and storage bag.

They offer you durability and strength. On the other hand, the deep slotted teeth of each straight socket wrench lock in place to provide you a secure grip around smooth, round surfaces. They are suitable for all pipeline related repairs and improvements.

Qooltek: level with laser measurement

Laser measurement fades into the light from the sun or outdoors, and is designed for any situation where a straight line or accurate measurements are needed, such as measuring locations on a wall or space between hangers. It comes loaded with an 8 foot measurement that includes linear metric and imperial measurements.

It offers you a three in one functionIt is a combination of a tapered tape measure, a triple position leveling bubble and a new laser level that will give you maximum results.

5. Makita: electric disc cutter and sander

This electric cutter and sander features active detection technology feedback that shuts down the engine if wheel rotation stops suddenly, and automatic shift technology that adjusts speed during operation for optimal performance.

With this electric safety brake you stop the grinding wheel or the cutting disc in 2 seconds or less, which gives you maximum productivity.

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