Gifts specially designed to reduce your time in the kitchen.

Cook It is a process that requires time, passion and a lot of dedication. However, not all of us are lovers of long preparations and recipes; since there are people who prefer to taste the dish directly without having to go through all the cooking time and effort. If you have a friend of this type (or that person is you), here we show you some products that will facilitate to a large extent your cooked and will save you long hours in the kitchen, so they will be a gift that anti-chefs will know how to appreciate.

1. Multipurpose pot programmable

This powerful and modern pot includes various accessories and tools so you can get the most out of it. his programmable function It allows you to configure it according to what you are going to prepare and forget about having to review it from time to time.

With it you can have up to 9 appliances in 1. You can cook under pressure, over low heat, steam, sauté, season and much more. It is ideal for meats and vegetables.

2. High speed mixer and blender NutriBullet

This mixing practice and food processor High speed has a powerful 600 watt motor and refined blades for maximum nutrient extraction.

Includes a wide variety of accessories, blades, glasses and lids so you can get the most out of it with minimal effort.

3. 2 in 1 food processor Hamilton Beach

This useful and practical food processor and vegetable mincer It has a specially designed bowl to keep ingredients close to the blades for consistent results.

It has a capacity of up to 10 cups and its work is fast, efficient and versatile. Bored with chopping the ingredients for your salsa or guacamole? This processor will do it for you.

4. Hot air fryer multifunction

Thanks to its powerful hot air system, here you can fry all kinds of food in a healthy way, since you will not use oil.

Have different usage functions specially programmed for each type of food. So you can cook a complete meal in no time.

5. Double sandwich maker for breakfast Hamilton Beach

This practical double sandwich maker with timer It is perfect for preparing quick and delicious breakfasts in record time.

You can prepare up to 6 separate foods at once, and create a delicious sandwinch with a single preparation. It is the dream of everyone who does not enjoy cooking.