Look healthy and beautiful nails thanks to these products.

The hands are our business card, and having the yellow nails they make us look very bad. Sometimes this yellowing can be a consequence of the use of enamels or specific products for the nail, or also due to some imbalances in our health that can influence nail color. However, we can find some products that help us to eliminate the yellowish tone and recover the natural color of our nail, like the ones we show you below:

1. Develop 10: Yellow Buster


It is a product specially developed for nail polish instant. Helps you remove yellow and helps protect natural and acrylic nails.

You must place it on your nails, in this way you recover its natural tone And beauty. So your hands will look beautiful and delicate. It is special so that your nails look bright and healthy.

2. Arishine: Effective Nail Treatment


It is highly effectiveVisible improvements can be achieved in 2 to 4 weeks. You should only rub it on your nails and contours 3 times a day. Its powerful formula is an extremely effective treatment.

Gives natural shine, helps you soften and revive your nails. In addition to strengthening them, it protects them at the same time. It is everything you need for your nails to have and maintain a healthy appearance.

3. Puriderma: Nail Repair Pencil


It is a fungus treatment pen, which effectively removes yellow color and discoloration from your nails. It has a special formula which strongly protects against future infections.

It does not damage your nails or your skin during the treatment process. It is easy to apply and fast dry. You just have to dispense the liquid on the brush and apply it 3 times a day.

4. Kerasal Treatment Anti fungus


In one week it helps you restore appearance Healthy for discolored or damaged nails. Its unique formula penetrates deep into the nails and helps remove damaged layers.

In addition to heal and renew The appearance of your nails also heals and restores salute to the skin around your nails. It is designed so that in a week you have your nails healthy and renewed.

5. Scobuty: Treatment Pen Nail


Is a natural treatment without chemical additives and without side effects. Its formula is clear, safe and effective, it dries quickly without unpleasant odors. It is suitable for fingernails and toenails.

Penetrates your nails and helps remove damaged layers to restore their natural appearance. You just have to apply it 3 times a day, rub the product on your nails and the skin around it.