The latest for facial hair care.

The beards they are back in fashion once again; and it is that for many men with a complement and characteristic of their personality and appearance. Like hair, the beard requires certain care to have an attractive and healthy appearance. It is necessary to use balms and oils natural that remove dead cells and control hair growth, as well as those shown below:

1. balm with jojoba oil

A balm made with natural ingredients like cedar wood, jojoba oil and olive oil as antioxidants. It also has extracts from Argan oil, beeswax and pumpkin seeds that give it its characteristic smell and color.

It is a good option for reduce irritation and nourish your hair follicles as well as protect them from the elements. In addition, it makes your beard more manageable so you can give it the style you want.

2. Moisturizing oil With almonds

This oil stands out for its patented formula made from natural oil extracts such as apricot, sweet almonds, argan, young jojoba and refined avocado.

This product will give your beard the hydration it needs and reduce the itchy feeling. It also helps eliminate dandruff and acne while leaving it soft, healthy and with a intense shine.

3. Moisturizing solution with argan oil and jojoba

A blend of the classic seven natural and essential oils for good beard hygiene. Its main ingredients include oil virgin of argan and jojoba that control the formation of sebum on the skin and promote hair growth.

The oils prevent the fall of the facial hair and stimulate their growth so that you can enjoy a healthy, shiny beard that is soft to the touch. To all these benefits are added the elimination of dead cells and hydration at the follicular level.

4. Facial cream with butter shea

This conditioner has a combination of natural ingredients where the shea butter and a blend of jojoba, argan, olive and coconut essential oils. Its patented formula gives follicles the vitamins and hydration they require.

A formula that promotes the growth of the beard to make it more lush and smooth, while exfoliating the skin cells. It also helps preserve the balance between skin and hair.

5. Kit for the maintenance of facial hair

It is a set of facial hair care products that includes a beard oil that eliminates irritation and itching, a conditioner that makes it more manageable and a brush for soft bristles.

Effective and useful products for everything hair type that soften and stylize each of the follicles, nourishing them from the inside and stimulating their growth. Its continuous use guarantees you thick, thick hair that is soft to the touch.