Nature does not always give us all the skills we would like to have, and we must resort to makeup with their respective techniques to obtain the results we seek. One of the most desirable traits of a woman is a lips big and thick, and luckily now there are specialized products like the ones we are going to show you, that leave your lips as sensual and plump as those of the actress Angelina Jolie.

1. Lip enlarger with three levels

A device designed according to the geometry of the human lips. From light weight With an LED indicator light and smart system that prevents bruising and injury when turned off.

It has a power of 3 gears that allows you to choose between low, medium or high speeds, so you can select the one that has the most suitable suction to enlarge your lips.

2. 14 day treatment for enlarge lips

A moisturizing lipstick made of health-safe ingredients that has a smooth, moist texture plus a strawberry scent. A treatment that enlarges the lips in 14 days.

Its application gives you more lips bulky and hydrated that last much longer.

3. Collagen complex for lips and face

Formulated with 3 types of collagen, peptides and organic plant stem cells that work directly on the lips increasing their vitality and hydration. Its constant use strengthens the lip barrier.

In addition to hydrating your lips, fill in the lines that form in these and eliminates wrinkles. Its formula is safe to use even on the skin around your eyes.

4. Lip Enlarger automatic and natural

A small, lightweight device that you can customize to control usage time and suction level. Enlarge lips without using chemicals or needles.

Fill your lips with natural form in minutes, and applying lip balm before use will contribute to a better seal. Its USB cable allows you to charge it whether you are in the car, in the office or at home.

5. Lip filler natural ingredients

Made of manuka honey, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, beeswax, shea butter and capsaicin. A balm that plumps and gives a natural shine to the lips.

Your lips will look more plump and hydrated instantly. Best of all, is that also will improve circulation and will remove the wrinkles around you.