If you care about keeping your car in perfect condition, you should also pay attention to the tires.

Of all the parts of a car, the tires are one of the components that we most often overlook when maintaining the car, but at the same time they are the most important to avoid a fatal accident. That is why if you want to give your tires the Care and maintenance they need, take a look at the products that we show you below, with which you can keep them like new:

1. 303 Products: UV protector spray

It has a no rinse formula It provides superior UV protection for any rubber, plastic, vinyl, PVC, gel and fiberglass surface of your vehicle such as dashboard, wiper blades and even your tires. It is non-toxic and water-based.

It will give your tires a matte, non-greasy and odorless finish. Its formula is 100% free of silicone oils, which are producers of grease and petroleum distillates. On the other hand, it repels dust and stains helping to extend the cleaning of your vehicle.

2. TriNova: spray coating with gloss levels

East anti-slip spray gives you a choice between a high gloss, medium gloss, or low gloss finish.

Prevents fading and yellowing of your tires, while giving it that dark and shiny look you want.

3. Aero Cosmetics– Matte finish rubber coating

Is a conditioner and treatment Aviation grade rubber that restores and protects rubber and plastics.

Will leave a beautiful satin matte black look or matte on your tires that will feel dry to the touch and also will not attract dirt. On the other hand, it will protect your car from UV rays.

4. Carfidant: Spray protection kit

This protection kit contains a unique formula of nanopolymers that maintains the appearance of the tires over time. Comes with included cleaning cloth.

Will protect your tires from harmful UV rays, salt and other particles that abound along the way.

5. 3D Auto Detailing Products: universal water-based protection cover

The universal protection cover is formulated with water so it will not be greasy. Can be diluted 50/50 for engine dressing.

It will protect your tires, dashboard, rubber and vinyl. Further, will not crack plastic surfaces.