Read It is one of the great pleasures and one of the moments when we can transport ourselves through wonderful, impressive and unique stories. It is a habit that allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves, whether at home or anywhere, no matter where we are. To make this moment even more pleasant, we show you some products specially designed for improve your reading moments.

1. Bookmark with heavy ends

The marker has heavy ends to stay in place and a textured bottom for hands-free reading. Count with one slip resistant coating on the bottom.

his improved design It is heavier, suitable for hard and soft covers, as well as for books big and small ones. It is waterproof and washable, you can use it even with your books cooking.

2. Wood support with adjustable inclination

It is a book holder lightweight and portable, easily fits in the backpack. Its design is strong and durable, it easily contains large volumes, study books, cookbooks and more.

This ergonomically designed To prevent fatigue or neck pain, it also has five adjustable positions for your comfort. Flexible page holders allow you to keep the book open and turn pages easily.

3. LED lamp with adjusting clamp


Light color is more suitable for your eyes when reading, LED 6 technology illuminates evenly 3 times the lighting area than normal LED. Its level of brightness makes it the best portable lamp.

his liquid battery Built-in rechargeable lets you enjoy reading for 60 hours without charging. Create a perfect reading environment for you at night in your bed or when you travel.

4. Pages Support by Thumb


East wood support It is coated with paint and not oil to avoid leaving marks on your book. It allows you to hold the pages of your favorite book with an open hand.

You can enjoy reading standing, sitting or lying down with one hand and you still have a free hand for that glass of wine or drink of your choice to accompany your reading.

5. Line Markers of metal

These metal line markers are made of tin brass quality. Eliminates bent corners, clip marks, highlights, and sticky pages.

I know slide easily on and off the page without damaging your favorite books. They are ideal for a quick view since they allow you to mark all your favorite lines with 125 pieces.