The Neck injuries are ailments that must be treated very carefully and by specialists in the area, because it is a vulnerable area of ​​the human body. The neck is related to all parts of the body: bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons that can cause pain and discomfort in it.

His connection is also related to the shoulder, the jaw, the arms and of course the head, with whom he has a direct relationship. They are many causes of injury in that part of the body; from spending long hours of work sitting in front of the computer causing tension in the muscles near the neck, to poor postures when sleeping, misusing pillows. Also by subjecting the body to an excessive day of strong exercises and that are executed with poorly done movements, they can cause inflammation that will not leave you alone until you undergo medical treatments.

Another way to promote these injuries are falls or accidents that cause the so-called whiplash that leave the soft tissues of the neck injured. Among the manifestations of a possible injury, neck or cervical pain mainly stands out, which will lead you to the doctor for the discomfort.

The most recommended for this situation will be to perform a neck x-ray or an MRI of the cervical, all in order to have a better diagnosis of the area. Depending on the intensity of pain and injury, you can use a home treatment such as applying ice to the affected area, taking pain relievers recommended by the doctor or in stronger cases is treated with physical therapy and helping with the use of a cervical collar.

Sometimes when the injury is very strong, the possibility of surgery could be studied. In any case, if you trusted doctor told you it’s just a pain product of a small injury that can be treated, then we recommend some of the products that we show you below to help you relieve and even prevent neck injuries.

1. Cervical device traction and neck support

As a cervical traction and neck support device, this collar has been created with the function of calming any pain from the neck or neck. It is made of velcro and suede material that make it extra large without irritating the area to be treated and soft on contact with the person’s skin. Its size adapts to all types of neck. People who have used it comment that it is like always having a pillow available that gives comfort and convenience to that area with pain.

This device is recommended by specialists of the ailment, such as chiropractors who ensure that it also helps correct the posture of people who are always subjected to overtime working in front of the computer. Adjusts easily giving you relief by controlling the amount of spinal stretch. Your neck, back and shoulders will thank you.

2. Cervical support unisex

Designed as a neck or cervical support brace. It is made with memory foam that adapts to all body types and makes the person feel safe and comfortable. It is orthopedic because it is made of velcro that supports the upper part of the neck. When is it used, it is soft and light making your skin feel great who will love the contact. One of its benefits is that you should not use covers, since its surface is already smooth enough.

Its contoured shape optimizes the immediate relief results on the area to be treated, hugging your entire neck and controlling those points where the pain sometimes becomes more acute. You will feel better and you will have more disposition to fulfill your daily work or exercise hours provided that the trusted doctor has given you the instructions so that you can continue with a normal life.

3. Foam cervical collar black

Offering lightweight, stable neck and cervical support, this neck brace it is made of foam and covered by a cotton cover which makes it soft and comfortable, it is also easy to adjust and adapts to the contour of all types of neck. Limit the movements of that part, which will protect you when turning or presenting body reflexes that can cause deep pain.

This neck and cervical collar has the function of helping to alleviate that area where an injury occurred eliminating discomfort because it gives light support and it keeps the head in place for those people who have stronger injuries. This will be a great ally for you in those moments when pains attack and prevent you from carrying out your daily activities.

4. Neck wrap with adjustable temperature

This wrap is a cutting-edge tool in protection and care of the neck and cervical, because it has a heating system that by means of an infrared wave alerts when it is ready to be used on the affected area. It is in all words, a neck support that helps stimulate blood circulation in the neck, generating relief, calming any symptoms of a stiff and sore neck. Its temperature is adjustable, it has three heating levels that can start from 100 and go up to 113. Bring a USB cable with you to enjoy therapy on your neck.

Among the great benefits of using this neck wrap, it will be a better work day to fulfill, for the relief it provides, the pain disappears when circulation is activated and a very special detail is that absorbs energy from sunlight direct for the recovery of the body. You can trust that it turns off only after it has fulfilled its function on you, this will happen an hour after power on and continuous operation.

5. Travel pillows U-shaped

These U-shaped pillows have been specially designed for when we travel and you need to protect your neck and cervical. It is made of pure foam high elasticity that adapts in just three seconds to your neck. Its function is to relieve neck pain during the trip and allows your neck, chin and head to maintain support through this support.

Your trips don’t have to mean pain or discomfort for your neck or cervical. With this U-shaped pad, you can feel that this area will be well protected and free of pain, during the hours of the transfer to your destination.