The muscle pains are a consequence of fibromyalgia, are common and are usually generated between several muscles contracted by a injury or stress, and of course for other reasons daily chore, even excess exercise. This very frequent factor in the human body also covers soft tissues, which is why it is very important to know how you can do it. treat or alleviate. Look at the options that we show you below and you can feel relieved and totally free from pain.

1. Electrostimulator 16-way muscle

LCD display muscle stimulator with two sets of electrode cables, electric massager, six large and small pads, as well as a USB cable and AC adapter. It also includes pad holder and a table of acupuncture placement points. With a rechargeable lithium battery and 16 modes such as molding, acupuncture, abs, brain, feet, ears, kneading, shiatsu, among others.

It has a battery that allows you to duration of 10 hours approximately, it is easy to carry thanks to its size and flexibility. Adjustable from 10-60 minutes with its integrated timer and 20 intensity levels. It is not suitable for pregnant women and hypertensive people.

2. Formula Penetrex for inflammation and pain

This formula with soft scent It is composed of arnica, glucosamine, DMSO2, choline, boswellia serrata and vitamin B6, as well as peppermint, camphor, tea tree oil, glycyrrhizinate and dimethic

This product attacks the root of inflammation and is ideal not only for muscle pains but also for arthritis and back pain. Basically it faces inflammation, swelling and pain.

3. Supplement for the muscle joint pain

60 capsules with a formula of turmeric, quercetin and boswelia among other natural elements that reduce muscle pain.

It is ideal for athletes and people who do a lot of physical activity. It is a healthy response to Joint pain muscle and general discomfort.

4. Menthol cream a hemp base

Menthol cream two-ounce arnica, hemp and other natural elements to relieve muscle pain, joints, arthritis, cramps, tension, sprains, blackheads, carpal pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries.

This product act quickly on the body, be it on the feet, hands, neck, knees, hips, shoulders, back and other areas sensitive to pain in the body.

5. Pad aromatherapy

Soft fabric neck pad that covers the shoulders with a natural system Moist heat, designed to focus on pain, inflammation and cramps.

This product also offers you a session of herbal aromatherapy, which instantly relieves pain and provides a high level of relaxation, also attacking tension, migraines, headaches and arthritis.