The most efficient way to regain hair health and shine.

Our hair it is constantly exposed to aggressive treatments with chemicals, heat and humidity. When it comes to a change of look, we almost always choose to make a different cut or dye it in a color that gives us a new air, but this type of treatment causes the hair to begin to lose shine and vitality. To the hair it is necessary to provide very special care, and this time we will show you 5 products made with natural ingredients that will guarantee total protection.

1. Moisturizing serum and revitalizing

This is a serum specially designed for hair damaged by chemical products and the heat. The treatment contains keratin silk, Pro-Vit B5, keratin amino acids and silk protein.

They are biodegradable capsules that contain a liquid that you can apply to your hair when you need it. It will penetrate each strand, reduce frizz and split ends.

2. Treatment free of parabens

This is a mask that acts on damaged hair. It has been created with a formula based on Japanese green tea and cypress, perfect components to take care of the dyed hair.

If you want to have brighter and stronger hair, you can apply this treatment right after applying the shampoo and leaving it to act for 4 minutes.

3. Restorative mask for damaged hair

It is a treatment that transforms, hydrates and restores hair in minutes. It has a formula rich in protein and vitamin that can be applied to dry, fragile hair and weakened by dyes or heat.

It is a powerful stimulator rich in vitamins that promotes hair growth. If you want to have a radiant mane, we recommend applying it once a week.

4. Antioxidant conditioner for the entire family

It is a professional quality conditioner that gives results like a beauty salon. Its formula helps untangle and repair the hair is also rich in natural antioxidants that stimulate growth.

It is a great conditioner developed by the Kenya Moore brand. The product is designed to be quickly absorbed through the hair and does not leave a greasy feeling on the scalp. It can be used by the whole family.

5. Repair spray with a pleasant aroma

It is a treatment developed with a formula made from jelly, honey and propolis, natural ingredients that help repair hair and provide complete nutrition without altering hair color or shine.

Applying it to your hair from root to tip will leave a silky texture with a very pleasant aroma. The product does not alter the color of colored hair and provides a nutrient booster that is very beneficial for each strand of hair.