Start the year with your home totally clean and disinfected.

Many people in the world make a deep cleansing ritual in their homes to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year with all the energies renewed and ready to welcome everything new and good that the next twelve months will bring. Definitely the phrase “New Year New Life” It is applied very well to this ritual of extreme cleaning, since once each space in the house is stirred and accommodated, everything changes including the person’s mood, improving and making them feel better than ever and even reflecting on the new goals and objectives to be set in 2020.

For this reason, it is important that you take into account the place where you live 365 days a year and begin to activate the whole family and to the sound of music and sharing remove all the dirt and bad energies that remain stagnant in certain spaces so that they flow and thus prepare each environment for the opening of what will be a new decade where projects and life plans will abound.

Generally, people use products and other elements to include in this cleaning ritual, but there are some who only use water as a way of natural purification and literally give their houses a bath. Remember, that it is necessary to discard what we no longer use or give it away, as well as objects that only invade our spaces, sweep, mop, vacuum your furniture, polish your floors, dust every place, polish and brush the dishes, take out all the garbage, flavor and enjoy.

You still have time. Leave your home neat and with nothing to regret with these five products that we recommend, so that clean very well at this beginning of the year.

1. Set of 7 pieces cleaning with broom

A complete set of utensils for cleaning your home is presented with this set that brings many elements together so that you can thoroughly carry out that day of neatness in the new year. This kit includes a broom, mop, electronic vacuum cleaner (you need AA batteries, not included), spray bottle, bucket, dustpan and brush to sweep all those impurities from the floor. Each tool has a standard size It allows even children to easily hold each one and participate in the process with the whole family. These colorful cleaning sets easily grab your attention and aid in cultivating intelligence and physique while sharing quality moments.

This cleaning kit has been designed to include the smallest of the house in this end-of-year cleaning process that we do so that they feel part of that culture and tradition, and also stay rooted in them and at the same time teach them discipline, cleanliness, and care for household things. There are always times to learn, even though the hours of the old year are about to end and thus give way to a renewed new year. Therefore, these implements are perfect to play simulation and that the smallest of the house also participate in this purification ritual.

2. Reusable silicone gloves to deep clean

These gloves are very practical and will make it easier for you to work at home when scrubbing or cleaning well those hard-to-reach spaces and areas or in any case that are delicate and require a special cleaning mechanism. They are pink so they will combine very well with every They have long and thick silicone bristles that have a high flexibility to produce in more quantity the foam necessary to clean everything quickly and effectively, without making much effort.

Silicone gloves are ideal for washing your dishes, plates, cups, all kitchen utensils and it is also very daring to bathe our pets by giving them relaxing massages while they also get rid of everything bad. Protect your hands and you can keep them dry, And that manicure you made for the new year will not be damaged since they will be safe when using these cute cleaning gloves. The gloves are heat resistant and can be cleaned with boiling water or a dishwasher, reusable, extremely durable and environmentally friendly. The hole in the cuff can be hooked to dry.

3. Disinfecting wipes Clorox

Some wipes that will give joy and comfort to this day of cleaning in your home because they will allow you to reach those places and those delicate objects that need a special method. They are from the Clorox brand and it comes 75 wet napkins and with a rich scent which you can choose between fresh and citrus scents, to eliminate all the bacteria you have at home and leave everything looking new.

Keep in mind that everything at home must be bright and neat so that you can feel the smell and cleanliness of the house at the time of welcoming the new year with the whole family in an environment that has been cleaned with much love and that awaits the renewal of energies in the new year 2020.

4. Cleaning brush electric

The entire home will be clean and neat with this electric toothbrush that can reach the highest or lowest places in the structure of the house. It has four replacement brush heads that remove dust from flat surfaces like furniture. Its head has wide and resistant bristles. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, with a centrifugal drill that can be active for up to 50 minutes of continuous activity. The Brush Head Scourer is resistant to mold and bacteria, and is designed for long-lasting performance.

This tool can be an arm extension to clean those places where it is difficult for us to get there. Unlike other electric toothbrushes for powder, cleaning brush and homitt Scrubber handle, can be adjusted to tilt to achieve cleaning the ceiling or other difficult places. It is resistant to splashing water and can be used in a wet condition.

5. Easy rotating system mop and bucket

Mopping the house is the final touch we give to seal all that cleaning process that we have decided to give to welcome the new year. This mop set with bucket is ideal for this because it has a draining system that allows you not to get your hands dirty and also you can do the exercise without watering the whole house. The bucket is black with red that matches the mop with sturdy, long bristles to cover all spaces.

This set has a splash guard so you can easily mop the house. Leave your floors shiny and polished for the new year’s dance with the whole family and your friends, to have a great time in a renovated and neat house.