Make sure you are sleeping in a clean and sanitized place.

Keep your mattress in optimal conditions it is very important because that way you avoid the emergence of mites and bacteria that can affect your health. However, sometimes it can be very complicated and expensive to be able to carry out the necessary maintenance. You can solve this using a protector that prevents the spillage of liquids and dirt that affect your mattress, and also the proliferation of mites and allergies. Take a look at the options that we show you below:

1. Hypoallergenic protector SafeRest Premium

The SafeRest Premium hypoallergenic mattress protector is waterproof, vinyl free, PVC and phthalate. It has a breathable cotton layer that fights liquids, urine, sweat, dust mites, allergens and bacteria.

With these protectors you can fight against allergens, mites, batteries, perspiration, urine and fluids, since they are products with a very safe system, manufactured to give you all the tranquility and comfort you are looking for.

2. Polyester protectors with adjustable closure

This product is a perfect defense system for the mattress, made of polyester with a spill barrier and an adjustable closure sleeve.

This protector provides softness freshness and comfortIt can also prevent the production of pollutants and allergens during sleep.

3. Proof protector dust and mites

This product has a closure waterproof and breathable dust and mite proof, as well as preventing liquids and spills. It is made of soft and breathable fabric.

This product is very reliable to avoid spills on your mattress and it is a solution to prevent the ills caused by allergenic agents.

4. Case Sureguard six-side zip

This six-sided SureGuard protector has a zipper and is waterproof and hypoallergenic. The closure to incorporate is Invisi-Zip and SureSeal technology, it is also free of vinyl, PVC and fatalite.

This protector is perfectly made to avoid the spillage of liquids and the proliferation of mites and other bacteria on the mattresses. Say goodbye to those headaches since with this product you can keep your mattress in optimal conditions.

5. 100% hypoallergenic protector waterproof

This product is 100% waterproof, capable of repelling liquids, perspiration, urine and accidental spills. It is a fully elastic hypoallergenic cotton product with adaptable deep pockets.

This mattress protector high quality It is designed so that you can calmly enjoy your sleep without worrying about the damage that your mattress could suffer. This product has performance guarantees.