Rest is of great help to our body and mind, but to achieve this you need the right part. The bean bag chairs they are designed as huge padded cushions that conform to the body position. They are pieces widely used in entertainment rooms, gardens or rooms of the smallest; since they allow you to relax and make the most of your stay. Here we present 5 models with different shades, shapes and materials that you can not miss.

1. Puff with reinforced zipper

This adaptable bean bag holds between 30 to 50 stuffed animals and it is lined with a soft and resistant fabric. It comes with a 28-inch reinforced zipper and handle so you can easily carry it around.

Its colorful design will make the entertainment room look full of life without overloading it. Similarly, it is a versatile model that allows you to be comfortable according to the shape of your body.

2. Puff with circular filling

This stuffed bean bag is made from cotton canvas and comes with an extra long zipper with reinforced seams. It has a functional handle so you can easily move it around the room. It can wash to machine.

You can also fill it with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or anything that takes up unnecessary space in the room. All this makes it a comfortable bean bag ideal for children to play, watch TV or read.

3. Puff with sheath removable

It is a bean bag chair, filled with recycled polystyrene beads with a protective polyester cover. Its dimensions are approximately 28 by 28 inches and it has a weight of 7 pounds.

It is a stylish and fun design that you can move with ease from room to room. In addition, the cover is removable and made of a fabric that can easily remove stains and spills.

4. Puff with woolen fabric

It is a woven pouf with a wool layer, completely filled with polystyrene balls. It has dimensions of approximately 20 by 20 inches, and is available in tone blue and ivory.

This piece provides more air artistic and elegant to the decoration of your house, especially to the entertainment room. And it is that its neutral tones are ideal to make the spaces look attractive and cheerful.

5. Puff stuffed with cotton wheat

A bean bag chair with a modern round design. The piece is filled with organic cotton wheat and has an inner lining for greater resistance. Also, it has a comfortable handle that hides the zipper. Is available in 6 colors different.

This model has the advantage that it adapts to any space and decoration. In addition, it allows you to enjoy a meditation session without pain in the back or hips.