If your feet tend to swell, it is advisable to have healthy habits.

The feet, we should pay more attention and care to have a better quality of life. Swelling in the feet and ankles can be bothersome and if we don’t take action right away it can become a bigger problem.

When your feet swell, you may retain fluids, causing discomfort, pain, and cramps. Here are some of the best options for you.

1. Raise your foot: Keeping your foot raised whenever you can helps your circulation.

2. Ice: The cold either in an ice pack or compression for twenty minutes 3-4 times a day, can reduce inflammation.

3. Rubber or tennis ball: Giving movement to the foot using a ball without putting pressure on your body, helps mobility and circulation.

4. Anklet: Immobilize the ankle, using an anklet will protect and allow it to heal faster.

5. Medications: Pain medications such as Ibupofrene, can relieve pain and swelling.

Many factors can cause swelling in your feet such as a fall, poor circulation, posture, being overweight or poor diet.

1. Mighty-X: Usable Injury Ice Packs.

These packages are equipped with durable elastic straps with a reliable Velcro closure system. Reusable qualities ice packs for injuries will provide pain relief for years to come. These straps are long enough to fit your neck, shoulders, abdomen, or back.

2. Wilson: Ball to relieve foot pain.

This ball is strong and durable. It is used to massage the feet, helping the circulation and to relieve pain.

3. Bodyprox: Ankle support with adjustable wrap.

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is made of quality neoprene material that gives you the proper understanding in the affected areas.

4. MaryRuth Organics: Organic Turmeric Extract.

Turmeric supports your body as an anti-inflammatory and is very beneficial for health.

5. Porpor Booya: 5 pairs pads of plantar fasciitis with silicons for the heel.

Gel heel pads, silicone protectors to repair cracked, dry and sore heels. This product is designed to facilitate its use and hydration.