A Lantern It is essential to attend the emergencies of the night or dark areas, And like other tools, these have been refined over time. A traditional flashlight takes on the cumbersome task of having a pair or more of lithium batteries, instead a rechargeable led flashlight it is much more optimal and useful. It is a tool that you can not miss at home to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, and that is why here we show you some of the best options:

1. Pack of tactical flashlights LED

Pack of two flashlights with LED spotlight and adjustable zoom, low battery consumption, which have multiple lumen functions such as high level, medium, low, flash and for emergencies. It comes with two battery tubes, two hand straps, and two covers. They also have a tactical switch and attack head to break glass.

It is a powerful tool waterproof and to the blows. With it you can handle emergency situations. This product is made to face extreme conditions such as storms, floods, power outages, among others. It is portable, easy to carry and takes up little space.

2. Flashlight DeWalt with 20v LED spotlight

It features a 120 degree rotating head, and 110 lumen LED light output. It has a integrated hook for hands-free and in black and yellow, with a comfortable and elegant adapter design.

You can use it in any circumstance or place. It is easy to use, light and very versatile thanks to the 11 positions retention or angles, which provide a wide range of light range, visibility and projection.

3. LED Flashlight GearLight S1200

With LED spotlight and five light modes, it is solid build and of medium size, multifunction and adjustable zoom. With attack head and adaptable to double batteries or a rechargeable battery of 18,650. It comes with an AA battery holder, a plastic battery cover, a hand strap and an instruction guide.

It is very powerful and waterproof, portable, safe and small. You can use it for camping, outdoors or emergency situations.

4. BYB Mini LED Flashlight Super Bright 9

It is a pack of four small aluminum LED flashlights in different colors capable of emitting 30 lumens 20 feet away. Each has a rear switch and a nylon hand cord. The package comes with four adjustable hand straps and four pre-installed holders for AAA batteries and a quick guide.

You may use them up for 30 hours continuous. It is a set of flashlights for various activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, barbecue and emergency situations. It is easy to use and weighs only 28 grams.

5. Waterproof headlight 900 lumens

It is a 2200 mAh rechargeable aluminum alloy headlight with 900 lumens and five lighting modes. It comes with a micro USB cable. It is energy efficient, waterproof, and has a 100,000-hour lifespan, with a lighting capacity of up to 220 yards. It is detachable and adjustable both on the strap and on the angle of the light.

It is light and high performance, do not worry if it rains or you must solve situations under water, since it is a resistant tool. Ideal for camping, garage, constructions, vehicles and other emergency occasions.