The good luck charms They exist in an infinity of presentations that allow you to use them in each of the spaces of your home and of your day to day. In this way you can have amulets at home, in the office and also with you, in one of the accessories and rings like the ones we show you below, with which you can be surrounded by the better energies at every moment of your day.

Silver ring with 4-leaf clover

The ring is made in 925 sterling silver of great resistance and durability. Without a doubt, it is designed to withstand the passage of time.

With the 4 leaf clover you will have a magnet for good luck, because its four petals represent respect, love, health and wealth. Furthermore, knowing the representation of the Holy Trinity on the three-leaf clover, the fourth petal represents man or humanity.

Spiral ring “Lucky”

Made in sterling silver metalThe ring features a letter design with the word “Lucky” which translated into Spanish means “luck”.

According to metaphysics or law of attraction, we attract what we think, write, feel and believe. Therefore, keep a pure and unshakable faith in that word to attract good luck to you.

3. Ring with horseshoe shape

The ring made by hand in fine 925 sterling silver It features a horseshoe design and comes with a free special gift pack.

The horseshoe with seven embedded nails represents good luck and protection against enemies. So with its use you will have two benefits in

Turkish eye ring with diamonds

Made in 14K gold plated and 925 sterling silver, the Turkish eye ring features a blue enamel and clear CZ stones.

Weather resistant and elegant in style, the blue turkish eye ring symbolizes water, a sign of good Karma, as it is linked to good energy and protection against the evil eye. Furthermore, it is the most traditional color of the Turkish eye. Due to its design and style, it will be perfect to wear with a casual or elegant oufit.

5. Anti stress ring with elephants

The ring made in 925 sterling silver and without stone adjustment, it has a rotating band in the center that offers an anti-stress effect.

The ring is shiny and durable, and its elephant symbol represents patience, open paths and good luck.