A practical and modern accessory within your budget.

Sometimes we lead a very hectic life in which we feel that the time is not enough to carry out all our tasks and in each commitment or appointment we end up being late for various causes that we cannot control. However, it is always important to try to maintain control of your own weather, and be aware of the activities and tasks that you must complete on a daily basis. In these cases, the best ally for you will undoubtedly be the wristwatch. With it, you will be punctual in each place and updated on what time you should use and what time you have left to fulfill other tasks. And if what you are looking for is a style modern and elegant, take a look at the options in gold rose that we show you below:

1. Stainless steel watch Anne klein

This watch is from a classic style designed by Anne Klein. The style of this watch is with a double button clasp with a round marker and an analog display with rose quartz hands.

A beautiful jewel that is waterproof so you can safely take it everywhere. Combine with any type of outfit either to go to a casual or formal place. Take a nice piece of jewelry with you and stay on top of all your available time.

2. Timex Clock with leather strap

Designed in a gold rose tone, this watch has a leather strap with adjustable buckle closure, with silver casing and gold t It has a night light system with large hour markers for a better reading.

It is a nice watch that you can always carry with you, complementing your everyday outfits. In addition, it has a white light system for night that allows you to be aware of your arrival or departure time even in the darkest places.

3. Anne Klein Clock with large dial

Made with a peach strap, this watch features a large gold rose dial with Roman numerals separated by cute shiny pieces with gold tone marker.

This watch is one of the best acquisitions that you can take with you everywhere, because it is a beautiful jewel that adapts to any occasion of the day denoting style and elegance for you.

4. Classic digital watch from Casio

This is a beautiful jewel from the Casio brand that has been created with a deep golden tone that impacts with this beautiful color. It has a beautiful square shape design with a digital display detailing the time of day. It has a night system to illuminate at night.

A retro style watch that can accompany you to any special or casual occasion always wearing this vintage jewel with any look. From a very sporty outfit, to a very casual or formal

5. Nine West Clock with floral design

With polyurethane metal strap and buckle closure to keep it in place. It has a nice floral design in the center of the circle where the clock hands start in a gold rose tone, with the brand of the designer house Nine West.

This could be a great and beautiful gift for that woman who loves vintage classics and has good taste for designer jewelry. You can get it for a very low cost and take it with you everywhere.