In today’s digital age, it is very common that at some point you have had to fight to use the Plug from the wall with a member of your family and be able to connect your charger or device electronic. Many times at home we have more chargers than available plugs, and that is why this time we recommend the best multiple power strips so that nobody runs out of battery at home.

1. Monoprice: 8-port rotating power tablet

Strip Surge power, which can rotate 180 degrees with 6ft cord. It is nominal for 120 V, 15 A and has a power of 1800 W. It has a 1 year warranty.

This power strip design stands out for its ability to rotate, in addition to its easy installation and use. You can connect all your devices at once.

2. EXOPower: 8 Outlet Rotary Outlets

Rotating strip with 8 outlets protected against surges. In turn, it offers RFI / EMI filtering protection from electrical noise for cleaner power.

With this tablet you can connect up to 8 devices electrical outlets in protected outlets. You will not have to worry about the cables crossing, since the grooves allow an easy and correct installation.

3. Tripp Lite: 6-outlet multiple contact with rotary option


Strip multiple 6 swivel outlets for greater connection comfort. It features a 2.4 meter cable plus a USB connector.

Power strip for connecting electrical devices to electrical outlets swivel, which allow an easier and more efficient connection of devices. You can have several computers at the same time without any inconvenience.

4. Nekteck: Multiple power strip with surge protector


Power connector with special protector overvoltages. It has 6 90/180 degree rotatable sockets, 2 built-in USB ports, and a 360-degree rotatable flat plug with 6-foot power cord.

If you are looking for a comfortable power strip, practiceFunctional and with the option of rotating outlets, this model is ideal for you. You can connect your devices in the 6 corresponding slots.

5. Quail Electronics: Rotating power strip with 6-outlet rotation

Rotating power strip with rotation 6 shots and 2 fixed. It features a low rotating profile, a maximum output of 1800 W and 6 power cables with rotating plug.

What stands out most about this rotating strip is its easy and comfortable installation, in addition to being able to connect without any inconvenience your different devices to the outlets.