The cheapest and most powerful models!

Are you looking for a brand new cell phone, great features and at a good price? To start the year with a new device or give away for Christmas, we will show you 5 models of the brand Samsung They offer big screens and a price under $ 600.

Samsung Galaxy A70

The cell phone Samsung Galaxy A70 it has a 6.7 ”screen on Full HD with AMOLED + technology and is available in black, blue and white. It has a large internal memory of 128GB, which can be expanded up to 512GB with a MicroSD, and a 6GB RAM. Its battery is 4,500 mAh and it has a USB Type-C charger. In the back it has a triple camera of 32MP, 8MP and 5MP; and on the front a camera selfie 32GB and a fingerprint reader on the screen.

With a price less than $ 400 for your current 33% discount, this cell of Samsung It is the cheapest in the guide. In addition, it is the best valued cell phone in Amazon, where customers mention that it has a quality construction and a very good value for money. They highlight its large screen with good color reproduction and the quality of its cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The cell phone Samsung note 8 It has a 6.3 ”super AMOLED screen, with a built-in touch pen to make it easier to handle, ideal for large people or who find it difficult to write on cell phones. It has a Dual SIM tray, which allows you to have two chips in the same cell ph Its memory is 64GB and can be expanded with a MicroSD card, but 2 SIM and a MicroSD cannot be inserted at the same time. On the back it has a double camera and a fingerprint reader.

With a price less than $ 500This Note 8 phone offers quality features in a simple phone, available in black, gold and gray. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a very functional cell phone, with a large screen, but without being too big a cell ph Some customers encountered problems with this particular seller, but the feedback for this product is generally positive.

3. Samsung Galaxy A80

In this model A80 we find a 6.7 ”super AMOLED screen with technology Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratches. It includes an internal memory of 128GB, 8GB of RAM and is Dual-SIM, compatible with GSM cards. It stands out for having its forehead completely occupied by the screen, since when activating the camera selfie the back stands up and the camera rotates, offering a 48MP and 8MP dual lens for taking pictures.

Available in black, silver, gold and white, this cell phone stands out for its rotating camera, which makes it a very innovative model. Have less than $ 500 and it is well valued by customers in Amazon, which highlight its good quality, its cameras and its great design.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Of the Samsung line S, this cell phone presents quality and good features, with a screen with rounded edges of 6.2 ”in Quad HD quality and Super AMOLED. Its internal memory is 64GB, expandable up to 400GB with Micro SD memory, and its GB RAM. This model stands out for having an IP68 water resistance, which allows you to immerse it up to 5 feet for a maximum of 30 minutes, ideal for use in the rain or in the shower.

Have a price less than $ 500 for your current 19% discount, and is available in black, blue and purple. It works only with GSM cards like AT&T Y T Mobile. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a good cell phone with a nice design.

5. Samsung Galaxy A90

This is the newest cell phone in the guide, the Samsung line A with a 6.7 ”Super AMOLED screen. It is compatible with GSM cards and can achieve 5G connectivity, depending on your provider. It has an internal memory of 128GB, expandable up to 512GB with a Micro SD card, and a 6GB RAM. On the back, it has a 48MP, 8MP and 5MP triple camera, and its camera selfie it is 32MP.

Although it is the most expensive cell phone model on the list its price does not exceed $ 600, and it is the newest cell phone with innovative features such as high quality cameras, 5G internet connectivity and great performance. Being a new model, we still do not find customer reviews in Amazon.