The fear of the dark It usually arises from lived experiences or the child’s imagination, and is more recurrent among children from 3 to 8 years old. This problem may affect your night rest and concentration; and as an alternative to this, parents have the option of resorting to security lights designed to light up the room without interrupting your sleep. That is why here we present you some models with different characteristics that your little one will surely love and will make him feel more comfortable and safe.

1. Projector Lamp of stars

This projector has 8 360 degree rotating light projection shapes that illuminate and create a starry sky on both ceiling and walls. It has the advantage that it can be used with 4 AA batteries or through a USB cable according to comfort. Includes remote control.

It is built with a white protective cover that offers a safe distance and is gentle on children’s eyes. It also has a timer that you can schedule it to automatically turn off after the child falls asleep.

2. Multicolour lamp of sylicon

It is a multi-colored lamp made of silicone material offering 3 different light modes and 7 vibrant colors. Work with a 1200 mAh lithium battery It is capable of supporting portable use all night with Micro USB charging point.

It has a friendly bear design that emits a calming white glow so little ones can rest safely. Further, has a vibration sensor for a light control that you can program to turn off automatically.

3. Rotating Lamp of stars

It is a wood grain look rotating lamp that adds a touch of style to suit any decor, combining with its LED light emission with star shapes projected on the walls and ceiling. It works with 4 AAA batteries or with a USB cable.

Likewise, it comes with a configuration panel to control the on / off, rotate, switch to 8 light modes and even program the time of automatic shutdown with a time ranging from 5 to 995 minutes.

4. Projector with audio player

This night light projector has 7 lighting modes and 3 brightness levels that create a relaxing environment between yellow, green, red and blue colors. It has a remote control that allows you to configure on / off, volume adjustment, sounds and timer. Includes USB power cable and plug adapter.

It also offers a machine with 6 sounds of nature among which are white noise, summer night, ocean waves, rain and stream, which are essential to complete the relaxation of the child before sleep.

5. Lamp with smart sensor

It is a night lamp that has a slim design with LED light to save energy. Further, package includes 2 units They offer up to 8 rotating color modes to make children feel safe.

Not forgetting, its smart sensor that turns on at dusk and off at dawnIn this way your child can feel safe in the dark without having to resort to the main light in the room.