Christmas it’s not just about receiving or giving gifts to friends and family, it’s also a time to share with them, talk about the experiences learned throughout the year and remind the affections how much we love them and wish the best for the new year. The ideal time of that time of year is Christmas dinner, where we all sit together to eat and enjoy. If you are already preparing everything for that day, then take a look at these sets of tableware to serve that delicious christmas dinner and so share that unforgettable time.

24-piece tableware with christmas tree design

A beautiful set of tableware with a Christmas motif. They are made with porcelain material Delicate with some cute Christmas tree drawings next to green leaves that resemble that beautiful time of year.

If you want to see your table served with the best decoration and highlighting the culture and culinary traditions of your family, then these 24 pieces of flat and deep dishes are a good option. You will certainly impress your loved ones. An important detail is that you can put them in the microwave because they resist heat.

2. White tableware for Christmas Eve

This is a nice set of flat and deep plates with glasses all made with ceramics and glassware to decorate the place where the family will have dinner on Christmas Eve. Each piece has been painted with beautiful details such as typical flowers and fruits of christmas.

If you are one of the people who fill in the little details, this set is the one for that sharing at Christmas. Also, if you are going to have the New Year’s Eve party at home and you are going to invite your friends and colleagues, this can be a great option to impress with the best crockery.

3. Set of 12-piece tableware

Made with rustic melamine material that gives them a touch of resistance in falls. They have in their Christmas motifs design like Santa on a motorcycle carrying his traditional gift bag for the little ones, a snow-covered Christmas tree and typical Christmas Eve landscapes.

They are four flat plates, four salad plates and four bowls that will serve you even as part of the garnish outdoors, to place fruits or other on them delicatessen to enjoy at the moment.

Set of 16 pieces for the table at Christmas

With all the spirit of the Christmas holidays, this set of tableware has been designed that consists of twelve pieces between flat plates and plates for salads or desserts. Too include cups to drink chocolate or Christmas punch.

Your table will be very beautiful at this time of year with this delicate and beautiful set that you can put on your table or shelf to share the Christmas Eve dinner with all your loved ones.

5. Ceramic tableware set with christmas design

There are 16 units in total that make up this beautiful set with a Christmas motif. With cute Christmas tree details and ice crystals. They are flat dishes, salad plates, soups or desserts and cups for that special Christmas Eve drink.

These dishes can be used for any celebration throughout the month of December, so that you receive your friends and family at home, preparing and sharing a delicious dinner or lunch.