The domestic accidents they are never missing in the lives of parents, especially if your home is not conditioned for toddlers and babies. That is why you must make use of the following corner protectors, that will save you more than a hit and crying moments. Take a look at this list and choose the best sets for your home.

1. Family care: pack of 20 gel protectors

Pack of 20 transparent pieces of easy installation thanks to its adhesive They help to easily cover all sharp corners.

Protect your children against bumps, bruises and other common injuries intelligently covering the sharp corners of the house.

2. Skyla Homes: protectors with safety book

These transparent protectors made in adhesive gel Heavy duty installs easily in two minutes. They come with an additional free ebook on how to protect your home from children.

Have three times more grip and cushioning than other products available. Its transparency makes it combinable with any decoration you have so that it will not affect the aesthetics of your home.

3. Sure Basics: L protectors for multiple surfaces


Manufactured in thick foamThe corner protectors come in a pack of eight and install in as little as a minute. They are free of BPA, heavy metals, and latex.

These protectors offer you a safe and durable adhesion. They bond strongly to all surfaces, wood, glass, ceramic, steel, marble, quartz, and granite kitchen countertops.

4. Janteen: pack of two types of protectors

These protectors with adhesive and L-shaped come in a pack of 30 pieces along with others in a circular shape. They are easy to install.

Suitable for many surfaces such as right angle corner tables, sofa cabinet, chairs, coffee table, TV cabinet, bookshelves and other home furniture. You can also use them when moving furniture to avoid damage to its structure or walls.

5. The Hamptons Baby: pack of 8 multipurpose protectors

This pack of 8 clear protectors Round ball shapes come with a pre-applied gel adhesive that is easy to peel off. They are not toxic.

Prevent serious injury Both children and adults and are good to use on kitchen counters, desks, dining tables, coffee tables, chests, night stands, bed frames, shelves, sideboards, cabinets and much more.