Decorate your home without much effort or money.

When our home loses style and a very monotonous environment is created with which we do not feel identified, it is a problem that we must take action on. If you made the decision to return the magic and sparkle to your home, you can choose to make a 180 degree change in your decor.

Decorating our home is an activity that carries a lot of responsibility. It is also something that allows us to put our imagination to fly and capture our essence through objects, colors and furniture. It is vital to have a harmonious, organized and beautiful space to feel comfortable, since our home is the place where we spend most of our time and it welcomes us to rest after a long day.

Each space counts and we must make the most of it. A great ally to achieve this is to play with colors and choose a maximum of two or three different shades that complement each other. You can put a neutral color on your walls and add contrast by combining the furniture, curtains, and decorative pieces to make it stand out. It will transform your home and break with the ordinary and when the time comes to welcome your friends and family into your home they will be impressed.

If we want to give it life, energy and connect with nature constantly you can take the option of placing some plants in the place where you want. However, there are places that do not allow as many plants to be placed as desired and even n Factors such as space, the time we spend at home, light and the rest of care that a natural plant requires, influence our decision to include that touch of nature within our home. A good and very economical alternative are the artificial plants. They are currently trending and play a leading role in the world of interior and exterior decoration, because they highlight the corners that go unnoticed.

They are perfect to give life, warmth and freshness to our spaces and transmit the joy that the nature. They do not require sunlight so they can be located anywhere, and they should not be watered, so they avoid humidity or ponds that bring insects to our house. They only require minimal and superficial maintenance to remove traces of dust, like other real estate in the home. It can be said that they do not need our care, they will save us a lot of worries and time. They are also aesthetically versatile and seasonal designs can be chosen, or conversely, keep a style for a long time without the risk of death. Designing your home like that natural Eden will no longer be a problem if you opt for artificial plants.

There are an infinity of models, sizes and shapes. That is why we have selected for you some options that you will be able to enchant and will give a different touch to your home.

1. Two hanging plants fake ivy

This is a piece that measures approximately 3.6 feet and is the composition of many plants made of soft fabric of different shades of green, with iron wire, with many stems in its design and covered with glue for greater conservation.

Creativity is important when decorating. It is normal for indecision about where to place a plant appears when we have it in hand, but the small details make the difference. The ceiling is perfect so as not to hinder the space we have to spend daily. It will also create a lighter environment.

2. Rectangular pot gray wood

The material of this arrangement can be plastic or wood in a light gray color. It is a perfect option to give it a rustic and varied touch to your home or simply make a gift easy to transport. Also, its neutral colors make it ideal to use in any season of the year.

With the variety of existing plant designs it is difficult to choose only one, but this pot allows have them all and group them together. It contains plants assorted in a box with a sophisticated design, ideal to place it on balconies, windows, tables, walls or simply stick it on a wall.

3. Plant silk Sansevieria

The shape of this plant provides a look simple, minimalist and stylish to home. It measures approximately 35 centimeters and its 28 leaves are dark green to match a black cement pot.

Sansevieria or snake plants have a strong style for their long, pointed leaves. Easily will transform any room and will make it look more modern. They can be placed at home or in an office, harmoniously combining with a formal aspect if it is the one you want to convey.

4. Bush artificial ficus

This is a shrub that contains many leaves and will visually bring a more natural look to your home. Is a very rustic decorative piece, with its willow basket of repeated patterns will make it stand out in any area that you place it.

If what you are looking for is to highlight the presence of nature and give a touch full of life, this bush is the ideal one to achieve it. It is almost a foot tall so it it will be impossible not to notice on a balcony, a terrace or a corner inside the house, which are perfect places to place this plant.

5. Set of 3 mini bushes for a simple touch

This set of different bushes comes with three gray cement pots and green leaves in their shades. Small plants are still a good option to give a touch more aesthetic.

The minimalist look of this set provides a varied and versatile perspective. Too you can separate it and place it in the position that you like: it can be in a triangle, in a straight line or without any order. They can even be in different places, they are three green points, easy to handle and easy to locate.