One of the most comfortable, smart and practical ways to think about save money with the daily lunch, is to have an efficient compact food container, so you don’t have to spend in cafes or restaurants. That is why this time we show you the best sets of food containers so you can take your lunch to work in a practical and comfortable way.

1. Prep Naturals: 50 Stackable Plastic Containers


Container resistant and compact to store all kinds of food. Made with high quality plastic material.

With this container of plastic, you can take your lunches to your office or workplace every day without fail. From fruits, vegetables and meats.

2. Pyrex: Glass food container

Set of container round and rectangular food dishes. Made of high quality glass material. It has 18 pieces without BPA.

If you are looking for a complete set of different pieces to alternate your lunches every day, this set of containers glass it is ideal for you.

3. Bayco: Glass containers of different shapes


Food container set with lids glass. The set features 24 pieces (12 containers and 12 airtight glass lids), BPA free and FDA approved.

This set of containers stands out for its glass material airtight high quality and resistance. Your lunch will be protected anywhere in your office.

4. Freshware: Disposable Free Food Containers


Food container set, made with plastic High-quality, BPA-free and resistant to high temperatures when heating food. Its dimensions are 9 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches.

If you are looking for a complete set with various containers of food so you can distribute your food for the week, this set of containers is ideal for you. It has numerous compartments for you to organize your lunches with total comfort.

5. Utopia Kitchen: 18-Piece Glass Container Set


Set of 18-piece containers for storing food, made of glass borosilicate Durable with a clear polypropylene (PP) lid with airtight seal.

If you are looking for a container of long-lasting food, so that your food prevails until you eat it, this set of resistant pieces will exceed your expectations.