The accessories indicated for a chic and bohemian look.

The rings They are essential pieces to always have on hand in your jewelry box and combine with your outfit of the day. One of the trends in this type of jewelry is the multiple rings or stackable; it is about putting all the pieces at the same time and creating a bohemian style. That is why we present you five sets of multiple rings at a low cost so that you dare to delve into this trend.

1. Set of golden rings for women and girls


The Rinho Friendship brand has this set of 10 knuckle rings in retro style made of high quality copper with aged rose gold plating of 10 different sizes to adapt to each finger. The manufacturer guarantees fully hypoallergenic and durable materials.

This type of rings is for wear on every occasion and bring a bohemian and vintage style to your outfit. It is ideal for women of all ages and a nice gift to give your favorite girl.

2. Set of hindu style rings

This time we present you a game of 13 silver-colored rings made in alloy of different metals. The designs are bohemian and attractive in different sizes so you can adapt to your fingers according to preference.

Dare to use this style and give a artistic touch to your outfit. You can use them all together or the number of rings you want. This option is a good idea to make a nice birthday gift or a special occasion.

3. JSEA: metal and resin rings

With simple line designs We present you this set of five rings made of metal alloy with carved resin, special to give the bohemian touch to your outfit. The rings come in different sizes to wear traditionally or two on the same finger.

To ensure the durability of the product, the manufacturer JSEA recommends cleaning them with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding chemicals and friction. If you are looking simple multiple ringsThese can be your allies for a special occasion.

4. Rings arabesques from Zealmer

Zealer’s brand vintage rings are inspired by figures such as the sun, the moon and elephants combined with the classic strĂ¡s to offer the bohemian touch to your hands. The rings come in medium and regular size to use in a classic way or on the knuckles.

Go ahead style to your hands Like a celebrity with this type of rings, and the best thing is that you can have them for only $ 7.98.

5. Gudukt: 10 alloy rings

Game of 10 rings made of gold-plated alloy material to offer a touch of elegance. You can choose between six presentations so that your rings have the figure that best suits your style.

This presentation brings you regular, medium and smaller size rings to use at your fingertips decorating your nails. If you are looking for something delicate and modern, this style of multiple rings is for you.