Increase the volume of your lashes and achieve an impact look.

The false eyelashes They have become one of the most sought after beauty elements among women, since they are an excellent tool to enhance the look of our eyes and improve the appearance of the makeup from our eyes. In the market there are hundreds of options with different characteristics, specially designed for each situation, and that is why this time we show you the best sets made with high quality and resistant materialsWhat can you get for less than $ 10.

1. Reusable tabs 4 styles

These tabs are from natural look made with a thicker, more flexible and hypoallergenic band. The pieces are reusable with good care and come in a presentation with 4 different styles.

With these tabs you will have a glamorous style and you will feel very comfortable, as they do not irritate and are easy to apply, maintaining a stable and beautiful curl.

2. False eyelashes with 3D effect

The premium quality eyelashes have been made by hand and their design is in 3D, which makes them look more realistic and natural. They are very soft and hypoallergenic so they do not irritate or cause infection.

With longer volume, these lashes will delight you for being so realistic. They are knot free and you can reuse them many times.

3. Reusable tabs with dramatic volume

These tabs are made of fiber ultralight synthetic, they are hypoallergenic avoiding damage to the eyes, they are flexible and easy to use.

With them your gaze is enhanced making the eyes more attractive and beautiful. Due to their curvature they are easy to adjust and do not weigh on the eyelid. You can wear them daily.

4. False eyelashes dual function

With premium quality these false eyelashes have been made with thin fiber and are totally hypoallergenic, avoiding infections in your eyes. They are super flexible and adapt very well to the curvature of your eye.

With them your eyes will look more large, shiny and attractive in a natural way. In addition, you have the option of using them separately or using two at the same time, to be able to adjust the volume you want.

5. Natural looking lashes handmade

Handmade, these cute eyelashes of very natural looking It has a 3D design that makes them more voluminous. They are soft, thin and light weight for the eyelid.

Being easy to apply and remove, these lashes are ideal for girls who love a dramatic look, deep and natural at the same time.