Avoid banging on your cabinet doors and lengthens their useful life.

An excellent way to protect and extend the life of your doors and drawers against knocks when you close and open them, is installing rubber shock absorbers. They are a very simple solution, you just have to place them on the edges without worrying about cumbersome procedures or installations. Here are some of the options available to you.

1. Set of 100 Door Bumpers

They have a strong backing Self-adhesive for easy peel-and-stick application. They are made of good quality, durable and flexible clear rubber. They can serve for a long time.

It is a form of absorption of impacts in two stages. They are exceptionally good at absorbing noise and vibration. Helps reduce the harsh sounds of slamming doors and your cabinet doors.

2. Gel Protectors for doors


They have a technology of polymer gelThey provide a surprisingly quiet transformation to common interior cabinets, drawers, and doors. You install them in seconds without tools.

Its ultra clear gel makes them virtually invisible. Are the perfect solution, easy and low cost for a quieter home or office. You should only place them on the doors you want in a simple way.

3. Silicone protectors self-adhesive


The hard design These clear pads stick to bottoms, doors, legs, and backs to provide a non-intrusive way to add protection without compromising interior design.

Glue these protectors to the surfaces Easy to use with the built-in sticker that easily attaches to your doors and drawers. These fenders extend the life of your doors.

4. Bumpers 300-piece rubber


Rubber bumpers help reduce noise and prevent damage to the surface. Rubber adhesives are suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Its light colors mix with any hue.

They give you a practical solution to avoid noise and absorb shock, both in the doors and in the drawers of your cabinets. You don’t need tools for its installation.

5. Adhesive Protectors for doors


The combo includes bumpers of different shapes and widths to satisfy all your needs. Package includes flat, spherical, and square bumpers in various sizes.

These protective pads of first quality They are ideal to offer you cushioning, to avoid damage from bumps and closures. Stick to surfaces without compromising material.