The perfect therapy for relaxation and good energy.

The scented candles They are one of those little secrets that are kept at home to help create a special environment full of harmony, relaxation and peace, contributing to the good health of people who live in the spaces where they are used. As is well known, the aromatherapy It is part of alternative medicine where different smells are used through essential oils to elevate the good energies. That is why scented candles are an excellent option to attract good energy and good luck to your home.

1. Set of 4 candles from Anjoy

In a delicate presentation we present you the scented candles special for your home or workplace to acclimate with aromas of pear and strawberry; blackberries and bay leaves and orange and mint.

In total there are four small containers with vintage style, with exquisite natural fragrances to fill your spaces with good energy.

2. Scented candles for relieve stress

One of the benefits of scented candles is that their constant use leads to relaxation. For that we present this set of six fragrances natural rose, lemon, lavender, sea, vanilla and peach, which invite you to relieve stress and recharge your energy.

The candles are made of biodegradable material and come in six small colored glass cups and packed in a luxurious and sophisticated gift box soft touch.

3. Way Out West: Candles in decorated jars

This set of two jars with scented candles They will not only acclimate and fill your spaces with energy, but also offer you a beautiful decoration where you place them due to their vintage design. They are available in different woody and sweet fragrances such as vanilla or rose.

These candles are made to offer Hours of duration so you can enjoy more time of its fragrances and benefits. The manufacturer guarantees a nice and safe packaging for you to enjoy or give to your loved ones.

4. Yuegang: Canned candles

Y YUEGANG Scented Candles Gift Sets, Natural Soy Wax 4.4 Oz Unit Portable Travel Tin Perfect for Women Aromatherapy Anniversary - 4 Pack

This set of four canned candles with dynamic designs and vivid colors They offer you the wonderful scents of violet, lavender, scent of cider and flowers of the field that will fill with energy the room where you can use them for hours.

The scented candles come in a box with the same designs as the cans, ready to give away your special beings. After consuming the candles you can reuse the cans as pretty jewelers or containers.

5. ArtNaturals: Set of 6 scented candles

ArtNaturals Scented Candle Gift Set - (6 x 2 Oz / 60g) - Aromatherapy Set of Fragrance Soy Wax - Made in USA with Essential Oils - for Stress Relief and Relaxation

With fragrances of Citrine (tropical and citrus), Garnet (sweet pea and spices), Sapphire (molasses and incense), Diamond (peach and prosecco), Jade (pear and riesling), and Rosalind (vanilla and sandalwood); ArtNaturals offers you its sets of scented candles that recreate an atmosphere of good mood and relaxation.

The candles come in their neutral colored containers, packed in a nice wooden box ideal for those who carry a healthy and natural life.