Balance the flow of energy and enjoy a particular aromatherapy session.

In every home it is important to have a cozy vibe and that the atmosphere is not tense, dull or that makes you want to get away. And it is that there are many specialists who have ensured that each space expresses the feelings of those who inhabit them. That is why it is necessary to always renew the household energies, and a good way to do it is through scented candles, which balance the energies of the environment and create an environment of peace and tranquility.

1. Candle set for relaxation

This set of three scented candles It has been made with a mixture of organic soy wax and fiber wicks that do not burn. They are long lasting with approximately 20 hours of time. The intensity of its aromas is because it has high quality essential oils.

With smells of lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon that will give divine aromas to your home and that will fill your spaces with good energy to create the perfect mood.

2. Candles rose, vanilla and jasmine

This pretty gift set of 3 scented candles include fragrances like rose, vanilla, and jasmine. They have been made with natural soy wax that will not generate smoke.

Each candle in this set has a duration time of 11 hours, time in which you will enjoy the most relaxing aromas attracting the good vibes.

3. Scented candles with jasmine and lotus

Created for aromatherapy, these candles include four fragrances like the jasmine, lilac, lotus and white gardenia. These candles last from 12 to 15 hours.

The candles have been made with soy wax pure naturally biodegradable and ecological that give rich aromas to your spaces.

4. Scented candles sweet orange

This citrus candle set has a duration of up to 40 hours that leaves the atmosphere of your home with divine smells. The candles because they are natural soybeans burn more cleanly.

These scented candles will leave your spaces with the best energies to recharge and renew the spirits within your home.

5. Set of 6 candles with natural aromas

This set of six scented candles has scents like rose, lemon, lavender, sea, vanilla and peach. Each candle has a burning time of 16 to 18 hours.

Candles handmade with pure soy wax, naturally biodegradable and ecological. With them, you will give a aromatherapy in the spaces from your home.