The garment you need to surprise your partner.

As a woman it is natural that you want to have lingerie that helps accentuate your curves and allow you to look sexy for those intimate moments with your partner. A babydoll It aims to make you feel sensual thanks to its transparencies, lace, high shots and low-cut designs. If you are looking to renew your underwear drawer, do not miss these five pieces that will leave nothing to the imagination.

1. Babydoll with lace

It is a babydoll made of polyester and cotton, which results in a mesh decorated with an attractive eyelash lace throughout. Its design includes an adjustment on the waist, V-neckline and short sleeves.

It is a piece of lingerie that is soft on contact with the skin, this will make you feel more comfortable while wearing it. Its shape allows you to show your curves in a delicate, feminine and sexy.

2. Lingerie with mesh and lace

It is a lingerie made with a polyester mesh, a material that is soft and comfortable on contact with the skin. Its design has v-neck Deep with layered lace, an asymmetrical hem and spaghetti straps.

If you are a daring woman and you like to give your partner nights to remember for a long time, this babydoll is a good alternative for you to look sexy and show yourself Safer of yourself.

3. Lace mesh with scalloped trim

It is a babydoll made of a mesh with lace in all its extension. Its main feature is its butterfly sleeves, V neckline, scalloped trim and its satin ribbon providing an extra fit at the waist.

This is a piece that has transparency as part of its appeal, this is an ideal option for you to get the most out of the curves of your body. Likewise, it has smooth cuts and lines that adapt to any Body.

4. Garment of bare shoulders

It is a mini babydoll made with soft polyester and lycra fabrics. Their design comes with bare shoulders, lace patterned cups and fringed hems. It is available in sizes S, M or L.

This lingerie garment will make you feel sexy and special when using it to create a great impression on your partner. Its design allows you to show your curves in a delicate way, to make every moment of intimacy something unforgettable.

5. Babydoll from the front open

This babydoll showcases its sexiest details reflected in its V-neck, spaghetti straps, open front cut and scalloped hem. In addition, it is decorated with transparencies and lace throughout the piece.

This piece of lingerie with lines under the bust is an option that guarantees you smooth curves at the top, while giving you a bold silhouette that highlights your feminine side.