Today, our addiction to devices electronic it’s so powerful that we even wish we could go to bathe with them. For the peace of mind of all of us, this is already possible thanks to the shower curtains with special compartments that allow us to enjoy our favorite social networks, videos and series without fear of splashes or falls. So finally you can continue with your program while enjoying a delicious relaxing bath.

1. Urbanviva: shower curtain with magnets that prevent splashing

Urbanviva offers a shower curtain made with excellent quality material, non-toxic, antimicrobial, odorless, ecological and resistant to mold. Its design is touch sensitive and the size of the pockets is suitable for all major mobile devices, including The iPad Pro 12.9 ″

The magnets on the bottom prevent splashing accidents from occurring while stabilizing the curtain. With this shower curtain you can easily see your favorite program of Netflix, listen to music or podcast on your phone or tablet while enjoying the shower.

2. Essentially Yours: highly durable shower curtain

Essentially Yours bathroom curtains are made in high quality materials They guarantee durability and prevent the formation of mold. Includes ring hooks.

He offers you 5 transparent pockets where you can put your smartphones or tablets while taking a shower or bath. In addition, it is compatible with all standard size showers and bathtubs.

3. Better Than Bubbles: ecological shower curtain

Better Than Bubbles offers curtains with ecological shower protector 100% EVA. It is a chlorine-free and mildew resistant shade, plus it comes with weighted magnets to help keep the shade lining, and devices in place. The liner includes hooks for easy installation.

He offers you multiple pockets of different levels for each family member, with them you can watch, play or listen to your smartphone or tablet in the shower. It even allows you to use the device’s camera.

4. SUMMORA: mildew resistant shower curtain

SUMMORA shower curtains are made of a very strong material of EVE, 100% odorless, non-toxic, PVC-free, antibacterial, antimicrobial and chlorine-free. It is also mold resistant. Includes 3 bottom weighted magnets and 12 anticorrosive metal eyelets for hooks and rods.

They are waterproof, touch sensitive and mold resistantPerfect to put your baby’s monitor, phone, ipad or tablet in the outer pockets. Perfectly fits fabric, polyester, plastic, or fabric shower curtains with straight and curved shower rods, in almost every bathroom or tub.

5. ZOA: shower curtain with side slits

ZOA has curtains made in Eva / Peva Material And the lining is waterproof, non-chlorinated, non-toxic, and designed with 8 pockets, with horizontal and vertical orientation.

They offer you unique openingsThey open from the side and side openings ensure your device stays against the curtain so you can clearly see the screen. In addition, the pockets are divided into 3 rows to ensure that both adults and children can access the device.