Our home It is the place where we should feel more comfortable at all times, and an element to make it even more pleasant is the temperature. In this sense, it is advisable to establish a temperature that guarantees a feeling of comfort and at the same time, allows us save energy. Thinking about this, we show you some options available in smart thermostats so you have the best atmosphere at home.

1. Ecobee: Thermostat Smart with Alexa


Everything you need comes in this kit for a easy installation. Includes an installation guide and a step-by-step tutorial in the app. You only need 30 minutes to install this thermostat at home.

Place it in the most important rooms and keep the balanced temperature throughout your house. The sensors allow you to measure to adjust the correct temperature so you are comfortable and save when you are not.

2. Smart Thermostat with Touch screen

This thermostat is built with Microsoft Cortana, it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Designed with a beautiful user interface and a translucent OLED touch screen.

It allows you to schedule your own schedule or have GLAS do it for you, using the occupancy sensor Integrated to create a comfortable space when you are at home. You can connect it with your mobile thanks to its application.

3. Nashone: Electric Thermostat


It is designed for automatic control of electric heating or cooling appliances. It consists of two components: a remote control unit with temperature sensor and a plug unit.

It allows you to keep stable room temperature of your home, creating a space of comfort in all the rooms and at the same time, it allows you to save energy and money on your bills.

4. Nest: Thermostat Third generation


Protect your home and allow you to keep your safe thermostat from the reach of children or any other risk at home. You can also protect it from being misused.

Its installation is very easy, you just have to slide the cover, there is no need for any remodeling or readjustment. It has a design that stays true to the minimalist and modern feel.

5. iDevices: Smart thermostat easy to use

This smart thermostat allows you adjust temperature from your home from wherever you are with your application and make sure that your family always returns to comfort.

Add efficiency to your home and reduce your electric bill by establishing personalized schedules, scenes and automations that perfectly fit your daily routine.

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