The peace and happiness they are two states in the human being that represent the fullest and most desired moments by all. Therefore, we always focus on seeking experiences and moments that fill us with happiness and tranquility. The figure of Buddha It has many representations, but the smiley is one of the most popular, since it attracts the happiness and luck to our lives and spaces. That is why this time we show you some figures of Smiling Buddha so you can enjoy the joys of life at all times.

1. Smiling Buddha in sandstone

This figure has been sculpted in great detail with the Buddha image. It is 3 inches tall and is of premium quality. It has been hand painted in a sandstone finish.

This buddha can attract home satisfaction, happiness and is the guardian of children. It symbolizes wealth, luck and prosperity promoting happiness in your intimate spaces.

2. Buddha figure suitable for outdoors

This cute statue plated on silver color, represents a praying and happy Buddha. It measures 7 by 5 inches, and is made of resin.

It represents a smiling Buddha who is rpraying or meditating while sitting. It brings with it a beautiful energy and therefore happiness and prosperity.

3. Smiling Buddha standing

This Buddha is in good luck and has a presence peaceful and smiling. It has been designed in antique style and UV-resistant two-tone stone paint in white and gray.

This statue of Buddha It is a healing gift for your personal yoga room or for any area of ​​your home where you want to have a good flow of energy.

4. Statuette of buddha in rose quartz

This buddha measures approximately 1.5 inches and has a weight of 45 grams. This Buddha is made by hand from a piece of rose quartz.

There is a belief that if you rub your belly on Buddha, It will take care of all your wishes and will bring you happiness and joy.

5. Smiling Buddha stop

This Buddha statue has been made with stone material weighing 45 grams. Has been Hand carved with the figure sitting and smiling.

The statuette has chakra stones and blue sand, rose quartz and golden sand in its composition that attract the alignment of good vibes in the body and the environment where it is arranged.