An ecological and attractive way to decorate your patio.

The solar powered lamps They work thanks to the energy stored in batteries, which provides clean energy to the lighting systems at night. Its use brings with it a series of advantages that go beyond energy saving, because you also take care of the environment, it is inexhaustible, the installation is simple and it is long lasting. With all these benefits, you will undoubtedly want to try one of these solar energy lamps to decorate and illuminate your garden:

Pandawill: lamp with two lighting modes

The Pandawill solar energy lamp is a crystal ball 5 x 5 inches, covered with colorful glass mosaics. It has a powerful solar panel and a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Available in other colors.

It is raincoat And it gives you 2 lighting modes: single mode (soft white light) and color change mode (light of different colors). Automatically turns on for 8 hours after fully charged. Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.

Homeimpro: 7 lumen LED lamp

Homeimpro has a solar energy lamp made in stainless steel Durable measuring 7 ″. The lamp is automatic on and off, once it has been charged for eight hours.

Provides you with a bright LED 7 lumens. Ideal to decorate your entrance, path, garden, lawn or patio, as its construction allows it to be weather resistant, adapting to various weather conditions.

3. Voona: 5 lumen table lamp

The Voona solar energy lamp is made of mercury glass And it comes with built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Available in bronze color.

The lamp is waterproof and durable since electroplating boats ensure long-term resistance to the lamp outdoors. In addition, it provides you with a 5 lumens LED. It recharges for 8 hours.

Sooreally: waterproof lamp

Sooreally features a solar powered lamp made of ceramic material With a hollow design, the light passes through the leaf-shaped holes and forms a magnificent petal effect. It charges 6 to 10 hours and can run for 6 to 8 hours.

Waterproof solar energy lamp provides you two light modes: Monochrome (soft white light) and gradual color change mode for different environments. Suitable for indoor and outdoor lights, it can be used as bedroom night light or patio lights, garden, patio table, grass and so on.

5. Blazin ’Bison: weatherproof lamp

The Blazin ’Bison solar powered lamp is handcrafted in glass mosaics, and the LED light is reflected through it filling the surroundings with warm colors. Available in other colors.

This lamp waterproof and outdoors, light your flowers, porch, table, garden, patio or terrace, without the use of batteries and without worries or problems. Simply place the lamp in sunlight, and when night falls it will automatically turn on.

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