The sound bars are the solution when you have a TV with low power audio as they provide a surround sound experience in the room. They often feature a built-in subwoofer that delivers strong bass and can be easily installed in any setting without taking up too much space. To help you, we put together these 5 improved models that will surely adapt to what you are looking for, match the image quality and that will make you feel like in the cinema.

1. Wohome: Soundbar 2.1 with 97dB

It is a 2.1 soundbar that has an integrated subwoofer that provides powerful bass and improves audio systems, as well as you can enjoy 97dB of padding and a crystal clear sound without harmonic distortion. In addition, it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, AUX cable and optical supply cable.

It is a piece that has a DSP technology that allows 4 sound modes so you can adjust the bass and treble through its 2 full-range and lower-range speakers.

2. Vizio: Sound bar with 95 dB

Two powerful full-range speakers deliver up to 95dB of fill audio with 70Hz – 19KHz barrier frequency. Delivers crisp, harmonic distortion-free sound.

Also comes with Integrated Bluetooth which helps you stream sound directly from your mobile device, while offering a multimedia experience with a consistent and pleasant volume level for you to enjoy your favorite movies.

3. Vizio: Sound bar with combo speakers

Soundbar 2.1 features wireless subwoofer It offers deep bass in the room and incorporates Bluetooth to transmit audio from mobile devices. And a consistent volume and more comfort just by adjusting the sound level up to 95 dB.

Comes with powerful combo speakers so you get a definition of surround sound and realistic with dramatic transmission, so you can have a good home theater listening experience.

4. Flytop: Rechargeable sound bar

They are powerful speakers that come with two integrated subwoofers that achieve a range of tones and 3D sound spanning 360 °. At the same time it offers connection through Bluetooth, with AUX cable and with RCA cable so that you can connect with different devices.

Also, it’s a high-tech soundbar that comes a integrated microphone that allows you to answer calls when you are away from the phone, and with a rechargeable battery with which you can enjoy your music for up to 8 continuous hours.

5. Fityou: Sound bar with 6 speakers

It is a 50W model with LED lights that immerses you in realistic and complete sounds with minimal static noise and no distortion, thanks to its 6 high-performance integrated speakers that combine 2 diaphragms.

It also includes Bluetooth 4.2 so you can connect it to tablets, laptops or Smartphone, as well as a USB interface for players, DVD, MP3, TV, among other electronics. Without forgetting that it has a design with three display modes, on the wall, divided or integral so that you complement the decoration.