Driving on surfaces wet or in the rain it is one of the factors with the highest incidence when suffering road accidents. When we must drive in these conditions, it is necessary to have the suitable tires that provide us with security and greater adherence in wet floors. Thinking about this, we present you some options on rims specially designed to drive with security on any terrain.

1. SUNF: Tires All terrain

The tread design has directional angleIt is ideal in most terrains with high trail performance and suitable for applications in desert, mud, dirt and rock.

Depth and ear pattern They offer you better sliding and traction control. They are an excellent choice in tires to give you safety when driving.

2. SD Tires: 4 x 1 tires

These tires are suitable for RC 1, its external diameter It is 3.47 inches and the hex wheel is 0.47 inches. They are made with aluminum alloy material.

The deep indentations These wheels are specially designed to give you safety and grip on wet surfaces; as well as when you must drive in the rain.

3. Duratrax: Tires Six pack


Fit the front and back of the trapezoidal bars at each outer edge. They are tires of six cylinder with foam inserts and wheels designed for 4×4 vehicles.

This type of tire is ideal to be used on all types of terrain, its design allows to have greater control and adherence on surfaces difficult to transit, guaranteeing your safety.

4. Wanda: High traction tires

It is a set of 4 tires with premium design First-class, special to be used in all terrain. They have an aggressive and ultra deep self-cleaning design for superior mud traction.

His construction of heavy nylon 6-layer is puncture and abrasion resistant. Its shoulder straps give you greater traction and an improved appearance.

5. Wanda: Game of ATV / UTV tires


Durable, lightweight and smooth design give you a acceleration and braking faster. Its tread fasteners are deep and widely spaced.

They are excellent to be used in a wide variety of terrainsThey allow you to drive safely regardless of the humidity or the weather conditions you are in.