Take care of your garden at all times, regardless of whether you are away from home.

A sprinkler It is a device designed to convert the pressurized flow of water into dew to be used in the irrigation of gardens. It is so powerful that it allows you to maintain the moisture of the lawns, even in summer or drought. To keep the grass from your garden always beautiful and well cared for, we show you some options on sprinklers that you can program through WiFi connection.

Rachio: Remote Sprinkler Controller

It allows you to save water and money. Has meteorological intelligence It automatically bypasses unnecessary watering with features like rain jump, wind jump, freeze jump and more.

You can control it from anywhere with the application Easy to useYou can run the sprinklers, see the upcoming times and even observe your estimated water consumption outdoors.

2. Netro: Smart Controller Sprinklers


It allows you to create and adjust optimized watering schedules to take care of your plants and the lawn in your garden. Connects to Wi-Fi to monitor and control your sprinkler system from any device.

It is respectful environmentally friendly, allows you to save up to 50% of outdoor water use with advanced technology. Includes weather forecasts and historical statistics.

3. Rain Bird: Smart Controller


Super easy to program, allows you to access the timer functions from anywhere in the world through a wireless network with your mobile device within range or directly through the control panel.

The daily watering schedule is automatically adjusts depending on the season, local climate, temperature and humidity. You can enable notifications so you always know what’s going on in your garden.

4. Rachio: Controller Second generation

Uses full weather data to automatically adjust your irrigation schedule based on the latest local forecasts. You install it easily without special tools.

It allows you to set your own hours or input detailsLike plant type and sun exposure, to automatically water your lawn with exactly what you need to thrive and not a drop more.

5. Controller Touch Irrigation


It allows you to store all your personal data locally, and it continues to work even when Wi-Fi is out of order. It has a touch screen 1.77 ″ color that you can control from anywhere.

You can use weather stations national or personal for millimeter precision. Your lawn will always be in the right irrigation conditions. You can schedule it from your work, case or even when you are on vacation.

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