Among the amulets and objects used to attract luck and good fortune, few are as popular as the statuettes of Buddha. It is an ornament in the shape of a teacher who is credited with having the powers to attract abundance and fortune to your environment and spaces where you live. And so that the money never miss your home and your work, here we show you some options in statues available to you.

1. Buddha sitting on coins


This figure of Buddha sitting on coins and smiling, it has an exclusive dark gold finish. Its shiny appearance makes it look even more vibrant and ready to attract attention.

A unique decorative piece that is easily integrated into the decor from your home or office. It is an efficient way to attract good fortune so that money is never lacking in your life.

2. Hand-carved figure to attract the money


A Buddha statue that has been crafted by hand from a durable, strong, and easy-to-clean material. Its golden hue gives it a elegant appearance and classic that allows you to match any decoration.

You can rest on any shelf or table in the room of your house or you can also place it on your desk or on any furniture in your office to make prosperity reach your spaces.

3. Smiling Buddha about Rana de la Fortuna


It is an auspicious symbol that not only serves as a decoration, but also functions as protective amulet to prevent misfortunes and to attract wealth wherever you are.

You just have to place him in the room with his head towards the door, this way he takes care of transport wealth to you. An exclusive and highly detailed piece that will fill any space with good energy.

Buddha amulet non-toxic resin


It is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, happiness and luck par excellence. Its small size makes it easy to place inside the home or in the workplace. Its design makes it perfect to show it on any table or shelf.

Thanks to its size and appearance, it can be adapted to any style of decoration you have at home or office. With this powerful amulet, fortune and wealth are always on your side.

5. Lucky Buddha high quality


It is a delicate statue made of resin and covered with a golden layer that gives it the appearance of real gold. A symbol of wealth and good luck that you can place on any desk, table or shelf.

In addition to providing protection, attracting good luck and wealth to the place where you place it, it is an element that looks great as a decoration in any space. Its delicacy and beauty makes it a artwork.