Practical ways to make your outdoor wedding an unforgettable event

Planning a wedding outdoors allows you to take advantage of all the richness that a natural environment offers in any season of the year to add a magical, creative and original touch to the entire event. However, this type of celebration requires a good budget that can be easily extended if you neglect it. Therefore, below we present a series of economic ideas that can make your outdoor wedding an unforgettable ceremony without overspending.

1. Curtain of led lights

They are strings of LED lights that operate with a 29V system. It is a device made with copper wires covered in transparent plastic that makes them waterproof and insurance.

Has eight patterns of light that can be easily configured by means of a single button according to your preferences. These can be used to decorate wedding receptions, anniversaries or birthday parties.

2. Patterned garlands floral

They are garlands of artificial flowers that are made with silk flowers, joined by a strong cord. Package includes 10 units They are available in shades of white and champagne.

An idea that allows you to add some additional beauty to the atmosphere of the ceremony. They are high quality pieces that will fill with charm the reception for wedding, anniversary or outdoor parties.

3. Set of candles batteries

It is a set of 24 candles that work with 3v battery that light up with a button. Its design allows them to illuminate for 120 continuous hours and has dimensions of 2 by 2 inches.

These parts are made of a strong material that gives the lamps an almost realistic appearance. They are decorative pieces made with led lights, easy to turn on and off.

4. Set of decorative flowers for weddings

It is a set of flowers designed with three roses 5-inch openings that are wrapped in chiffon fabric. Each piece is made with soft foam material which gives it a more realistic design.

This is an option original and easy to decorate all the event furniture such as chairs, benches or doors of the event rooms. They are durable and elegant pieces that allow you to take full advantage of the natural environment of any type of outdoor event.

5. Arc white metal

It is designed with two vertical bars on each side and horizontal bars that form an arc of sturdy metal which is painted white. Its approximate measurements are 57 by 94 inches.

It is a frame that can be used to place flowers or balloons that will decorate the hallway where the bride will walk. Its advantage is that it has removable sections that make it easy to mount and transport the base.