To keep your eyes protected while you work.

In this technological age, it is inevitable to be exposed to the brightness that electronic devices such as computers. That is why many experts recommend the use of glasses that protect eyesight and partially reduce the brightness that our eyes perceive. For this reason, we present five protective glasses so you can protect your eyes while working on the computer.

1. Lenses with protection glare

They are high quality amber tinted lenses specially designed to protect the eyes from the glare of computers and electronic devices. They have a special system of protection anti-glare and a strong and flexible plastic frame.

These lenses are ideal for protecting your eyes from the effects caused by digital gadgets. With these thin frame lenses you can decrease the strain on the eyes caused by electronic devices.

2. Protective glasses for gamers

They are glasses with UV light blocking system designed specifically for video games. They are made of a synthetic material and have a metal hinge which provides them with greater stability, security and durability.

These lenses provide protection from harmful rays, at the same time that they avoid eye fatigue caused by observing the screens of electronic devices such as television, cell phones and computers, among others.

3. Glasses with lock blue light

It is a set of glasses that block blue light and UV rays. They have an FDA certified system that reduces the Eye fatigue and the negative effects of intense exposure to computer screens and other devices. They are two glasses made of high quality materials.

They are very versatile accessories that combine with your Workwear. These glasses are designed to create a barrier that protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

4. Pair of glasses for eye strain

They are a pair of sturdy frame anti-fatigue lenses and non-polarized lenses equipped with a protection for the eyes. It also has a nylon frame and a very light, flexible and elegant design.

They are very comfortable and simple style, which gives you a professional and casual touch no matter where you go or what style you use. These lenses help your eyes relieve tension, fatigue, and other ills from intense exposure to fluorescent lights.

5. Glass blocking glasses transparent

They are glasses to block light and relieve eye fatigue, dryness and other vision problems due to prolonged exposure to the light. They are made with high quality materials with transparency for greater elegance.

With these lenses you will avoid symptom of eye fatigue such as blurred vision or headaches caused by spending too much time in front of a monitor. These glasses are comfortable to read, work, study and watch television without any problem.