During very long trips it is natural for some people to start experiencing a type of discomfort or dizziness. This type of condition is known as kinetic dizziness and is characterized by a rather unpleasant sensation of instability, which in turn is accompanied by digestive disturbances and other symptom that among the most common we can mention yawning, nausea, cold sweating, paleness and even the involuntary activation of the natural reflex that produces vomiting.

This discomfort has its origin in the movements abrupt and external. For example, when we travel in a car, the sudden acceleration and braking. East phenomenon It can also occur when traveling by plane or on a boat. Something interesting is that few babies can suffer from this condition, but from 2 years of age, sensitivity to dizziness usually increases. After the age of 12 this sensitivity begins to gradually decrease and then reappear once again at an older age.

Dizziness kinetic then it is a balance disorder that has its origin in a small organ within our inner ear which is in charge of allowing the spatial orientation of the person and is responsible for getting this information to the brain, as well as keeping it at the both of which spatial position is the Body at all times. Therefore, when we travel by car we are sitting and the view provides various data from the outside because the objects move at high speed.

These types of stimuli at the same time create a state of confusion among the 3 systems in charge of the orientation that are included by sight, balance and muscles. This causes our system to be processing a series of inconsistent data and trying to group it in a more logical sense so that it can be processed in our brain normally. This is how in the case of the most sensitive people, this confusion creates a strange sensation in the head and remains even when the movement has already stopped.

The sensation in the head in turn is accompanied by pallor, cold sweats, nausea and even retching. All this added an imminent desire to barf It originates from the throat or upper stomach. Once the dizziness appears, it becomes complex to avoid the rest of its symptoms and unfortunately the sensation remains even after vomiting. The most efficient way to prevent all these symptoms is through the use of devices known as anti-dizzy armbandsThese accessories allow you to control all these unpleasant sensations during the trip.

1. Wristband for travel


Don’t let motion sickness take care of ruining your travels whether it’s by land, air, or sea. These are drug-free bands that can help both children and adults reduce dizziness and nausea so that they can enjoy the entire experience of the travel. They provide a natural option without causing drowsiness or other side effects.

This wristband works by using acupressureYou can put it in your arms before you start traveling or at any time during the trip. The bands take between 2 and 5 minutes to take effect so their effectiveness is even better if you put it on before starting the trip. They work thanks to a plastic knob that moves on the inner side of the bracelet and exerts pressure.

2. Wristbands with movement for diseases


They are designed to work with your body’s pressure points to instantly promote relief from sea sickness and motion-related nausea during travel. They do not contain drugs and work with the body to promote immediate relief nausea, dizziness, retching, headaches and allows you to enjoy your vacation again without stress.

They are very safe and easy to use. These bracelets work with the natural movement of your body and help alleviate discomfort through the ancient art of acupressure. They are perfectly safe for adults and children of all ages. A simple option to feel better and enjoy every time you travel.

3. Band for movement and discomfort


Provides effective relief all forms of dizziness, including morning sickness, nausea from the sea, car sickness, virtual reality sickness, air sickness, altitude sickness, post operative discomforts, vertigo and even until chemotherapy. It has a technology that does not generate drowsiness and is clinically proven for nausea, retching and vomiting.

To use it you must find the area between the 2 tendons at the bottom of your wrist that is approximately 2 fingers from the first fold of the wrist. Once this area has been thoroughly cleaned, you proceed to apply a small drop of gel and spread it in a circular manner until reaching the size of a large coin. You put the device on the gelled area, fix them well and turn on the button.

4. Mint aromatherapy with acupressure


This wrist band instantly relieves migraine and headaches thanks to its content of peppermint that creates a relaxing aromatherapy session with a gentle dose of acupressure. It does not contain any type of drugs and does not produce side effects. The band is waterproof, it has been made to withstand daily wear and tear and especially to alleviate the discomfort that occurs during long trips.

It has been clinically proven, it starts working after 2 minutes. It is a complete solution that you have essential oils cooling and acupressure effects. It is designed for long duration, you should only place it on your wrist preferably before starting your trip and in this way you can enjoy the whole journey placidly.

5. Adult band that relieves sickness


This is an adult bracelet designed to provide and give natural relief to nausea caused by air sickness, car sickness, sea sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy, post operative recovery and many others. They are washable They are also reusable and do not produce any type of side effects.

A natural choice for relief from nausea, this sea band uses acupressure especially to provide you relief from dizziness, retching and migraines, as well as vomiting during travel. You should only put it on your wrist before starting the trip, and the accessory begins to take effect between 2 and 5 minutes after being placed.