Positive energy charged accessories.

The flow of energies is something very common in our day to day, and just as there are positive energies, there are also negative energies around us, and if we do not have some amulet to provide protection against them, it is very likely that their influence will start to wreak havoc on our lives. For this reason, this time we will show you 5 bracelets with charms that you can always carry with you to get rid of bad luck.

1. Classic charms to ward off the evil eye

This is a set of 6 bracelets with red straps. They have been made by hand and have a hamsa charm with a beautiful silver finish that provides resistance to the wear.

The hamsa hand is characterized by providing protection to those who carry it with them. This symbol repels bad energies found in the environment and grants protection from the evil eye.

2. Accessories with Saint Benedict’s medals

This is a woven bracelet with a design of different shades. It can be easily adjusted to the wrist and is decorated with ten medals of San Benito metal clad.

Saint Benedict’s medals are amulets that believers have used to fight evil presences. If you are looking for protection divine and heavenly, this bracelet may be your best option.

3. Amulet to balance the chakras

This is a bracelet that has precious natural stones of different shades, each one representing and stimulating the chakras that exist within the body. It can be used by men and women.

This bracelet will help you improve your concentration, relieve stress and will be a great support during your training sessions. meditation and yoga. You will enjoy a life full of peace and harmony.

4. Elegant bracelet with golden tones

It is an elastic bracelet of good quality It has been rhodium plated and can be adapted to any type of wrist regardless of size. Available 5 different colors.

It is a very elegant and chic accessory that brings a different style to your outfit and also protects you from the evil eye.

5. Simple bracelet easy to combine

This is a very simple bracelet that has been made with the highest quality braided leather. It is equipped with a precious Hamsa Hand amulet that repels the the evil eye.

It is a basic bracelet that will give you protection at work, university and anywhere you have. You will have a happier life full of good energies thanks to this bracelet.