Currently, there are a large number of clothing items that not only improve your appearance, but also improve your Health. The important thing is to look for pieces that are comfortable and fit the shape of the body. In this sense, the compression leggings they are ideal to improve circulation in your legs, compress your thighs and shape your hips; That is why here we show you some options that you will surely want to try.

1. Compression garment with transparent fabric


These compression leggings they are made of a high-quality transparent fabric. They are designed to stylize the entire lower body including legs, abdomen, waist and lower back. Its size allows an adjustment and compression to the muscles.

They present a type design belt that reduces measurements and stylizes at the same time. On the other hand, it helps to reinforce the attributes of your body while softening your thighs, waist and hips.

2. High leggings with buttock support

High leggings with butt support

Strong and elastic leggings high cut made with lightweight seamless fabrics that serve the same functions of a compression girdle. You can wear them under any dress, pants and outfit.

Made of elastane, it is a very comfortable and breathable garment. It has a special design that gives you extra support to your glutes.

3. Cut at the waist and Colombian lycra

Cut to the waist and Colombian lycra

This garment at the waist made with lycra Colombian High quality, stylizes and reinforces the attributes of the female body. Due to its capri type design, it can be used with skirts or dresses.

Lift the buttocks while compressing and accentuating the natural curves of the legs. Completely stylizes the figure, no matter what other garment is combined.

4. Long pants slimming

Long slimming pants

Comfortable leggings type pants that slim the abdominal area and the waist. Exclusively made with stretch fabrics that provide firmness and enhance your glutes, waist, legs and hips.

Made of nylon and elastane to guarantee greater softness and comfort. Ideal to combine with any garment or for sports.

5. Compression leggings abdomen and legs

Leg and abdomen compression leggings

They are elastic and soft to fulfill the function of a compression garment that molds and flattens the lower body. They have a high cut to the waist and double fabric for greater resistance and durability.

It is a modern capri type girdle designed for reduce measures and provide firmness to certain areas. It is equipped with an elastic band and a zip closure on the side.