An important detail and a good memory for your guests.

A wedding It is an event where we celebrate the union of the lives of two people. Such an important event requires meticulous organization and planning so that everything turns out perfect; and among the most important details to be covered are the invitations cards. If you want to surprise your guests and give a good image of the wedding from the first moment, take a look at the modern and elegant styles of invitations that we show you below:

20 invitations floral style laser cut

A package of 20 invitations with bronze colored edges adorned with gold details. It has a body made with a medium-sized primer with various colors to choose from.

A few pieces of formal style paper perfect for weddings, fifteen years, bachelorette party or baby shower. They may be customize them so that they have a much more characteristic touch.

2. Double invitation with frame floral border

Invitation pocket-size which includes an exclusive pass for the event guest and a maximum of 4 companions. The piece is made with resistant materials and has a classic flower design.

You can customize each invitation to give a much more personal treatment to each of the Attendees to the event.

3. About two faces with bow seal

Available in packs of 50 or 100 sheets made with a strong, high-quality paper. The letter envelope is available in colors such as blue, wine, or pastel shades and includes a decorative bow.

Invitations ready to be signed and sent to each of the people who will attend the celebration. Its default format makes you can overtake much of the work without much effort.

4. Laser cut frame with personalized design

A distinguished envelope with classic-looking floral designs available in a wide range of colors for you to choose the one that best suits your wedding. Nail personalized invitations made with sturdy paper and printed with the highest quality ink.

They are very practical decorative pieces that can be stored comfortably in any pocket. Every invitation bring a pass laminated that also serves as a precious memory for the guests.

5. Two-door invitation with customizable interior

It is a very Elegant and well crafted from symmetrical edges cut to using the latest in laser technology. A set of 25 cards that include fully customizable white sheets.

Decorated with classic design frames in gold color and a delicate wine red ribbon. These cards are especially beautiful and prepare the guest for what promises to be a unique celebration.

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