A fundamental tool to have your patio in excellent condition.

Take care of our patios and gardens It is very important because they are the first image they have of our home. Therefore, it is recommended to dedicate time to prune and remove all weeds or weeds that grow around them. This must be done frequently because in this way the plants take advantage of the nutrients and the water that comes from the soil, being the first hours of the day or at sunset, the best times to water the garden and take care of the patio. For this, you need many tools like the hoses, And here we suggest five styles of them super expandable so that you take care of those spaces at home.

1. Garden hose expandable with 9-function nozzle

With nine fully functional safety nozzles this hose has a rubberized outer lining. non-slip and comfortable to water. It has a rotating bezel that allows you to place the mouthpiece you need. It is very flexible and expandable because it is covered with polyester fabric.

This garden hose can be expanded 3 times to its original length when the water pressure is on, and shrinks to original length of the pipe in minutes when it is off. It is long enough to cover your entire garden and you can make watering simple and efficient.

2. Light water hose expandable for garden

A nine foot hose that expands up to 25 feet when the water pressure is on and when the water flow contracts again and returns to normal size. It does not twist or bend and is easily stored anywhere. It has a nine pattern mouthpiece.

This garden hose is expandable and has top quality brass connectors with shut-off valves, which provide a Excellent corrosion resistance and it does not rust. Withstands up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113 Fahrenheit. The flexible garden hose is lightweight and can be carried anywhere you need.

3. Garden hose extensible

This garden hose is made of the highest quality materials, it is expandable, lightweight and flexible. Plus, this garden hose is expandable up to three times its size and will never bend or tangle. The expandable garden hose It also comes equipped with brass switch valves, making it easy to turn off the water without turning off the faucet, making the garden hose easier to use.

With this hose you can water your lawn, clean the garden, wash the car and even shower pets. Keep your spaces clean, especially the garden or patio, places where you spend time with your family.

4. Garden hose with latex core

This hose is fully expandable up to three times its size and when it is under water pressure it lengthens its length. Won’t tangle, bend or twist. It is flexible and easy to handle and store anywhere.

It is a very light and flexible hose that will help you water your entire garden and keep the patio clean and beautiful. This hose has a latex core multilayer to have a useful and durable life.

5. Garden hose expandable

The Flexi House hose is light and flexible and allows it to adapt to all spaces. Has a 50 foot length which makes it super long to make it easy to maneuver in the garden.

This hose includes a high quality 8-pattern swivel nozzle, with settings for a wide range of uses, from watering your plants to cleaning your pets or your car. Have a ergonomic rubber handle which makes it non-slip and comfortable to use.