The most effective way to make yourself shine at the end of the year party.

The party of end of the year It is one of the most important and anticipated events of the season, since in it we can say goodbye to the old year and receive a new one that comes loaded with new opportunities. For that celebration, we usually look for the best outfit to look beautiful and have a great time. And if you still do not know what shoes to wear, here we share some options high heel shoes shiny so that you look fabulous in the arrival of 2020.

1. Flip flops with ankle strap

Made from synthetic material and with a 3.5-inch high heel, these sandals are pieces that make a great impression due to its shine. It has an ankle strap with buckle to provide a better fit and a pad in the sole for greater comfort.

This shoe is very elegant and ideal to use with a beautiful dress or with leggings shorts that allow you to show off your legs. Welcome the new year looking terrific.

2. Closed design high heels

These shoes are special for those girls who love the classic style without neglecting the elegance that a shoe brings bright and glamorous. It is made with imported fabrics of very good quality and has a leather sole with padded cushions for greater comfort.

It comes in different colors and designs with lots of details that give it a special shine to make you stand out at the party. New Year. They are available in a wide variety of designs so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

3. High heels with decorative tie

Manufactured with an imported material that is not harmful to the environment. They are spectacular shoes with synthetic sole, a heel 4 inches high and design closed to the ankles.

It is a beautiful silver-colored shine that gives it a touch of elegance and makes them very chic, ideal for welcoming the new year to come. It has a delicate tie in the center that gives them a more youthful and fresh appearance.

4. Shoes with Thick heel

A totally classic shoe design made with rubber soles and a 2.8-inch heel. Its design includes a breathable lining and durable with rubber sole to give better support. Having a thick heel provides greater comfort when walking.

It comes in silver and gold shades that add a stylish sparkle and add a lot of glamor to your New Year look. You can wear them with classic outfits to say goodbye to the old year with the best vibes and looking fantastic.

5. Black boots high heels

Made with imported suede fabric, they are thick and high-heeled boots that make them super comfortable to wear. They have a classic style and very elegant due to its shine and deep black color.

You will look spectacular wearing these wonderful boots at night where you will receive the New Year, dressed in your best outfit and wearing these shoes perfect for you to dance and enjoy the whole night.