Cleaning our vehicle It is as important as the one we do at home, because we spend a great part of our day to day moving from one place to another. However, having the right tools to do your cleaning is not such a difficult task if you have any of these 5 styles of gloves and sponges special to leave your car neat and well polished.

Glove Korean microfiber for polishing

These mitts are lint free and do not fade because they are made from double-layered plush microfiber that has a water absorbing capacity and comes in different colors to help you distinguish their multiple uses.

This set includes various drying and polishing towels that have a lifespan of up to 18 months continuous according to their manufacturers. It is used to wax, polish, wash, clean surfaces and dry the vehicles in your house.

2. Kit cleaning microfiber

This microfiber cleaning set absorbs 11 times its weight in water, due to its chenille composition. double-sided Large size. The linings are made of pure cotton fabric and are therefore non-slip.

You can use them to wash your car inside and out, as well as polish the bodywork after you have cleaned each space of the vehicle. This type of fabric makes it safe to use on all surfaces without leaving scratches or marks.

3. Gloves to wash the car with sheep wool

These mittens have been made with high quality, super soft sheep wool that is lint-free and does not fade from use. They can quickly absorb soap and water keeping it up to culmination of the toilet.

These mitts fit all types of hands and are very comfortable when used for cleaning. You will be carrying with you a excellent ally when cleaning your vehicle.

Cleaning gloves for indoors and outdoors

This is a super glove Because it has the power to clean any type of surface like that of your vehicle, leaving it impeccable. It is made of microfiber and can be washed, polished and dried.

With this glove you can scrub and even use it to clean dust from your home. It is easy to wash and dryr quickly. This glove is a great tool that you can use every time you do the cleaning.

5. Set of mittens microfiber wash

This set of gloves provide the intense cleaning your vehicle needs to make it shine. These gloves are scratch-free because they are made of long, luxurious fibers that quickly and safely encapsulate all dirt.

These gloves can help you in cleaning your vehicle, leaving it impeccable and well polished. They are very soft in contact with the person’s hands and will allow you to give a shiny finish to the body.