If you want to have peace, protection, prosperity, health and keep bad vibes away, a good option is to wear a amulet of luck with you. The best way to do this is with a simple but functional accessory like a key chain. That is why below we present you some options of good luck keychains that will ward off bad energies and allow you to maintain balance in your life.

Protective amulet Hamsa

An imported protective keychain made in Israel. It is made up of a hoop, chain, a lucky eye and a Hamsa hand with its characteristic tones. blue and silver.

Hamsa’s hand is a powerful amulet representing the hand of God and it provides protection, luck and health to those who carry it with them. It can be a great accessory to ward off bad energy.

2. Keychain with Message from gratitude

This keychain has been made with stainless steel of high quality so it lasts a long time and does not succumb to rust or wear. It has a nice message of thanks and good luck.

It will help to give cheer up to people who are going through difficult times. It can be a good option to give your closest friends to remember you all the time.

3. Buddha sculpted in a gemstone

This is a bracelet that has a little buddha that has been created on a colored jade stone green intense. Includes a silver hoop and a red chain bracelet.

If you want to attract happiness and wealth you can take this amulet everywhere. It is a piece strong and lightweight that you can always carry with you, no matter where you are.

4. Four-leaf clover handmade

It is a keychain that has a green lead clover handmade. It is shock resistant and has 2 rings to hang your keys and more accessories.

He is a powerful amulet that will connect you with nature and will bring to your life all the fortune, love, prosperity and health that you have so desired to obtain.

5. Silver hoop with 3 amulets

This is a keychain containing a horse shoe, a four leaf clover and a small ladybug. Each amulet has been chrome plated to give all pieces a glossy finish.

In his ring he has a nice message of good luck written in different languages. It is a very elegant and modern accessory that brings luck while you take them with you.